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Mode of landings

Mode of landings

16 June 2004


There have been  some recent developments in the way Tinkerbell landed on me in her recalls.  I was surprised the first time she did that about a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it to be a nice one-off event.  But in the last few outings to the nearby school, she repeated it  fairly regularly.  Unfortunately, Joy is not back yet and it is kind of difficult for me to try to shoot that landing on me.


Tinkerbell lands on my shoulder during outdoor recalls.


At the beginning, it was just a direct landing.  If the recall distance is short, within 15 meters or so, her landings on me will be directly on my shoulder whether she takes the low level approach or the high level approach to me.  In addition, she may do a U turn in the air so she lands on my shoulder facing the  direction she came from.  You folks have seen this in one of the sequential shots in the Kenting outing.  (the sequence starting with

http://community.webshots.com/photo/147375155/147382633IKNAla )


That particular sequence was interesting for me as I watched her coming to me.  It was very windy and the eddy and crosswinds blew her about.  As I watched her, she constantly drifting from right to left to right as she adjusted for those cross winds.


If the winds are very strong , she would come in on a slam landing on my body.


In the school recently, during her recalls to me from 30+ meters, and in less windy conditions, this is what she does. 


At about 5 meters away, she rises up to about 4 meters, or about 8 feet above my head. The first time she did this, I was on the verge of panic as I thought that to be a precursor to her continuation to a high ledge to have me begging on the ground for her to land on me.  I was glad I did not haul in the line.  She continued to bank above me and did a small circle of about  10 feet in diameter with me as the center below.  My shock turned into awe as I watched her glide that circle turning into a ever lower spiral down on me.  She would then stop that spiraling turning that into a hover about 3 feet above my shoulder and dropped gently down on me.


She does not do this consistently.  Perhaps she may be bored by a normal recall and she introduced this variation for her own amusement, or to maintain a state of suspense with me with me agonizing away.  Harness flying is not for the faint hearted.  She did this in about 1 in 5 recalls. Hopefully when Joy gets back on 24 June, we can capture this sequence for your folks.


In that state of suspense when I do not know if she is coming or going, I have not even given it a name to try to fix it for her like in the way I tried to fix ‘fly fly fly’ into her flyabouts in the apartment.  I like to fix this landing into a cue-able response, not as if I got any clue as to how to go about it.


She got her absolute jackpots  every time she did this circling spiral down on me.  Perhaps one day, she may combine this with the gyro-drop

(http://www.geocities.com/shanlung9/w6gyrodrop.htm  )


I just never can get bored with my Tinkerbell. 



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