From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Sat Sep 18, 2004  12:54 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell at Alishan crack of dawn


Tinkerbell at Alishan crack of dawn

Hi folks,

As part of my draw down on my outstanding leave, I
took off on 6-8 Sept planning to go for extended stay
on Alishan mountains again. I could have taken money
for all my leave, or leave Taiwan much earlier,
neither of which appeal to me.

I did not count on the weather. Bad weather warning
delayed my departure planned for Sunday. Alishan was
missed but the SiNan ChiLiu dump 900mm in North Taiwan
adding to the woes of 1600mm of rain dropped by
Typhoon Aere just a week before. You folks understand
better my paranoia on the Sinan Chiliu(SouthWest
weather stream) which hit us with 2700mm of rain on

Monday being better, we decided to ride up. Some
photos of repaired roads start the photos for this
round. As we made our way higher, it got colder and
misty forcing us to wear raincoat to keep the chill
out. Tink got pop back into her carrier cage.

One part was scary. The road clinged to side of
mountain and was washed away. Huge rocks were dumped
to make a base for a temporary lane.

Few people were up at Alishan this time partly because
it was not the weekend and largely few were foolhardy
enough to go there. We got ourselves into an old
hotel I have been trying to stay but never got rooms
before. On telling them we will stay for two nights,
they told us we better check in for one night first.
That was kind of worrying as normally fairly empty
hotel should be eagerly welcoming guests to stay

While the sun came out a while, mist drifted in and
decided to stay. I wanted to take Tinkerbell to see a
proper sunrise this time unlike the fiasco around
Christmas where we faced West to catch the sunrise.

So we had a morning call at 4am to catch the special
train to the other side of the mountain. This time,
we caught that sunrise with Tinkerbell at the crack of
dawn. To celebrate that, Tink was cued to come to me
but unfortunately, camera froze up after a few shots
and you get Tink disappearing into the sun instead.

Last night, the TV warned again of massive rains later
in the day. You have seen the precarious repairs
made. If that road is cut again, we cannot get down
at all. I silently thanked the hotel for checking us
in for one night only and decided to get down again
that morning.

We stopped by the coffee house halfway down near the
town of TseChor. It was so nice and comfy just a few
months back and in such a beautiful location. But the
persistent bad weather prompted the owner to abandon
it which was sad.

On the way back to Chiayi, we decided to stop at the
WuFeng temple. We meant to stop here many times in
the past but never got to do so. Since this trip was
shorten so much, we had the time now.

300 years or so ago, there was this chap called WuFeng
living in Chiayi. He was an official trying to bring
civilisation to the indigenous people living here that
time. It seems he was a very nice chappie and
actually loved and respected as he actually love the
locals and did not lined his pocket. One traditional
custom of the locals is to take off heads that WuFeng
tried to discourage. There was this important local
festival coming and the locals insisted that they must
have a head for the ceremony. WuFeng could not
dissuade them. So he told them that on a certain day
and along a certain path, a man dress in red will be
riding and his head can be taken but that must be the
last head.

So the locals waited and true enough that man in red
came riding and in a twinkling of an eye, they took of
the head. After taking off the cape, they were aghast
to find that they taken off the head of WuFeng that
they love us much. As the story goes, they were so
remorseful that no more heads were ever taken around

Wufeng was eventually turned into a diety and the
temple build in his memory. You can see I took a photo
of his picture.

It was a lovely temple to fly Tinkerbell in.

A short distance away was a park dedicated to Wufeng
as well. After the temple, rain poured down. Since
Tink disliked flying in rain and I disliked recalling
her in rain and my wife disliked taken photos in the
rain, we all compromised and came back to the park a
few days later to complete the shots.

Hope you folks enjoy the photos

Tinkerbell at Alishan crack of dawn

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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