From:   shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Fri Oct 24, 2003  3:47 pm
Subject:  The alarm clock that cannot be ignored.

I mentioned before that Tinkerbell sleeps in the cage.

Well, she does not do that any more for the past 6weeks or so.

One evening, she discovered an open bookcase with our books and took to resting in a corner. Since it was late, I went to her to ask her to step up to carry her to her cage. She gave me the softest goo goo goo sound and chatter refusing to step up. She kept her head down to prevent my hand from sweeping under her breast to her legs. When she turned her eyes on me and softly spoke to me again, I did not have the heart to move her to her cage and I relented and left her there with some trepidations for the night.

Taking advantage of my kindness to her, that ungrateful child went on to nibble on my Federick Forsyth and Clive Cussler and other books. I removed my good books but not wanting to disappoint Tink,moved my wife’s insipid regency romances to Tink’s shelf. I got to know my wife’s displeasure when she came over to me with her Jo Putney, Mary Balogh and others which seemed to be enjoyed by Tink in her own way.  We agree to a compromise where she used my credit card to buy even more insipid regency romances and more , partly to replace what Tink enjoyed and largely to punish me for what she deemed to be my cavalier attitude to her romance books.

We even took to hanging some papers to screen off 2/3 of the shelf so Tink can enjoy her sleep in there.

All was good in summer as we closed our bedroom door to keep the aircond inside the room.

Now that the cooler weather is on us, we kept the door open and that’s when the fun start.

I have two loud alarm clocks in the bedroom. One set to go off at 6:15 and the other further away at 6:30in case I ignore the first one.

When I eventually get out of the bedroom at 630, I will go to Tink to get her to step up and placed on a perch where she will give a big spectacular poop. She never dirtied her sleeping area.

One Sunday, we decided not to have the alarms on and just wake up when we do wake up. We failed toconsider Tinkerbell.

She will get up at 7am. Not seeing me, she flew over to us in bed. I was thinking how charming that was notwithstanding her first chore was to scream and chase poor Halftail off the bed.She then walked up my half asleep wife. Tink then laid the largest poop on my poor wife and that woke us all up like nothing else would.

I thought that to be a fluke as Tink was always so well behaved, pooping at the designated pooping stations only.

A few days later, I woke to the first alarm before promptly stopping it to go back for a few winks. The next alarm clock RANG and I got out of bed to put it off and decided to get to bed to close my eyes, just for a while.

I fell asleep again. To get up half awake to the flutter of wings, the pathetic crying of Halftail the Bimbo as she was chased away by Tink. Tink then marched up my prone body and she beaked my nose. WhenI head rub her while watching TV and I fall asleep on the sofa, she will hook her beak up my nose which is an instant guarantee to wake me up. I then recalled her morning poop will be very soon on me.

I woke up instantly to scoop her off my chest holding her outside the bed when she promptly discharged on the floor with her sweet eyes on me while ‘goo goo goo’ with head bobs. I saw the time as 7 am, the time when she will be wide awake and her determination to make sure that I will be awake as well.

Since then, I wake up very religiously to the first alarm.

The threat of that 3rd alarm being activated is just too serious.

So guys, if you got problem waking up to alarm clocks, just let your fid free fly and sleep where they can fly to you.

I can almost guarantee you will wake up wide awake on the first ding of your alarm clock.


With warmest regards
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter
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