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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Sun Jan 19, 2003  12:04 pm
Subject:  Tinkerbell touch target

touch target is so important to me. From the very
beginning of clicker training, I know I can use this
at the very least to get her to come back to me.

I need to make touch target challenging enough to
entice Tinkerbell to continue on it.

These are some of the fotos showing what she got to do
to get her seeds.


I had this chain hanging down from her stand from
early early days when she was chained up (on 2nd day,
I took her off that chain). One day I thought of
sticking the target on end of chain to see if I could
confuse her.

She took a few moments and immediately dragged the
chain up to get that target. How can I have hoped to
train her step by step?

They may be laughing at us all the time,

Since then, I hang a toy for her to amuse herself if I
do not put target there.

There are some fotos of Halftail in very early days.

There are some fotos of HT recently in a elisabeth
collar to let her ear wound heal, I strongly suspect
thats caused by Tink. One of the reason why I said I
do feel uneasy if Tink and HT are together unwatched.

Warmest regards


With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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