From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Mon Apr 21, 2003  2:27 pm
Subject:  Tinkerbell Free Flight Report 2 of 3

I went back again to that starting point with
flier/namecards in my pocket. That was just in case
Tinkerbell circled back. Riding the bike as slowly as
I can, I called her name and 'COME BACK'. Every
flying shape got called to. That even include
butterflies until I realised that they were

I became conscious of all movements. That was a very
pastoral land with padi fields and lotus ponds and
lily ponds and patches of veges with clumps of trees.
At other times, I would have been enchanted with them.
But I gained no solace with that place. That they
looked so beautiful felt so much more terrible to me.

The air was clearing up with much better visibility.

With heavy heart, I moved to the houses and buildings
next to the main roads. I noticed the cats.
Tinkerbell grew up in an environment where she lorded
over Halftail. I pained to know that she may make a
fatal mistake of associating any other cat with HT.

I moved from building to building leaving my fliers
and seeking their permission to shout for Tink. Those
people warmed up to me and all wished me well.

I went back home again to get Joy and the color
posters with Tink and more namecard fliers with Tink
in color on the back.

Remebering all I read, we flooded the area with
posters. The more likely areas had both color and
black and white posters going up. I handed out fliers
to people who alreay knew of me, saying they heard me
calling and calling out.

That have been many low points in my life, but the
afternoon of Sat saw me so low. I could not even drop
a word back here knowing that with all the goodwill
from these places, Tink has only me to rely on to get
her back before she succumbed.

I did not have the luxury to feel miserable as I
needed all my wits and effort to focus on the task.
When we called for her, there is always the needling
fear that are we calling in the wrong place? Is Tink
there but did we move off before she responded?

How can we second guess where she flew on to? Did she
turn? Did she double back? did she continued on?

Back and forth we covered the ground we been and added
more areas to the search and blanket areas.

I felt less and less hope that we can find her or that
she can find us. I decided to focus on reaching main
population groups so that more pair of eyes can join
in the search.

Night has fallen and we turned miserably back to home.
Her empty cage and her play areas accused me of her
absence. Even HT and Zorro seemed subdue and missed
her. Without her, I just could not get back here to
drop any word even though I guess the absence of my
report may well have indicated that events did not go

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter
Tinkerbell shanlung's Tinkerbell photoset