From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Thu May 15, 2003  11:37 am
Subject:  Tink harness Ver 4.0

The harness consists of two main parts. The first
part is what I call the neck loop with two extensions.
One run down the back with a tiny loop A and the
other run down the breast with another tiny loop B.

The other part is a piece that runs through loop A
and B around the body and under the wings. This part
was a strap with a buckle that you need to thread the
other end through. If the buckle is to hold the end
securely, the fit of the end through that buckle must
be tight. Let us call it the Body Strap (BS for short)

Here is where our good friend Murphy steps in. If
your charge is the epitome of good behaviour, you
ain't got a problem. Which makes me wonder why are
you so paranoid to need a harness in the first place
and why are you still reading this email. Tinkerbell
protests and pull away from me and even if the photos
show you otherwise, my hands have got ten thumbs and
threading the end through a buckle with Tink shifting
around isn't much fun.

I swiftly changed that BS piece using another piece
from Zorro harness which slot together. All is well
and good in the past as the moment Tink is in
harness, she is taken outside and as she likes that,
she remained peacefully until she is back home.

With the new softer harness, she accepted it much
more readily. However, instead of taking it off
immediately on reaching home, it is left on to
familarise her better with it and to do clicker
training with her in the harness. It is left on after
clicker training for that same reason as well.

It means Tinkerbell now has the time and she always
have the inclination to experiment on things not to be
experimented. I have told you how she gets my Rolex
watch off notwithstanding the complex catch at the
back. Last week, I had to spend 5000NT to service my
watch after I found out that she was not dutifully and
lovingly bowing her head over my hand but was
unscrewing the winder so touted by Rolex to be like
submarine hatch. I know I should have checked my watch
before I took that dive and swim in the pool. I may
have mentioned how quickly she will fly to Joy's
shoulder and undo the back of that earing and pull it
out from the front to fly off with it, undoubtly to
her great amusement. You recalled how she got that
target stick to her at the end of a chain by using jaw
and claw without any coaching and just at a cue to
'touch target'.

Shortly after I wrote and send that success story of
that new harness, she needed less than 20 minutes to
be left alone while I enjoyed a few games of speed
International chess on the Internet (if you are
curious, my Elo rating was 2100 at best but still
around 1900 now). She announced her success by flying
to me with the harness half dangling from her with
that snap clasp undone.

Remember that I said that she complained when I put
that harness on in the past? After I took it off, she
brazenly flew to the stand and looked at me as if
daring me to place it on again. She did not squark
and even cooperated with me to wear the harness.
After I snapped it on, she looked at me, bend her head
down and clicked it open faster than I took to snap it
on. I snap it back on and immediately took her back
to the hall to the tower. When walking back to the
computer room, she flew past my shoulder to her stand
with that catch opened.

She discovered this marvelous game entirely for her
amusement that she allowed me to put on her harness
and clipped shut so she can unclip herself again. I
happily obliged her snapping it on for her to unsnap
it while my brain went into furious overdrive trying
to figure out what to do as it was clear that old
Zorro body strap met its Waterloo.

The body strap must be something that can be swiftly
and easily put on and easily taken out by me and
immune to Tink's mischief in between. I decided on a
piece of soft handphone lanyard (Joy used to bring
them home free by the fistfuls from the computer
conferences she attended and we got a drawer full of
that ) , one end as a bowline loop and the other as a
quick sheetbend fastening ( learned from my boy
scouting and sailing days). for
your reference

I took out Zorro BS and substituted that new BS for
Tink harness Ver 3.0 . She seemed comfortable enough
at home and did not try to remove it after a few half
hearted attempts. Sunday afternoon saw us going out
to a nearby park with Ver 3.0. You will see I have
towel on my shoulder as Tink takes it that harness and
leash outings meant she can shit on me as she likes
without serious consequences. After all, she cannot
fly to poop at her poop stations since we all walking
about . And I do like that T shirt. And if I look
two years older from that 3 weekends ago, you folks
know why.

I then accepted an offer from my other local friends
to be introduced to a local eating place. After I sat
down, I noticed to my horror Tink loosened that
sheetbend knot during the short time we were in a car
to the point the harness hang more loosely on her than
that trousers on Charlie Chaplin.

I tried to refasten it to her loud squarks and turned
heads of all around us. I gave up and Tink smugly
beaked that knot holding on by threads and 'coo coo
coo' me again. She then periodically grab the neck
harness to raise it taunting me further. You can
understand the strained harassed look on my face as I
ignored good conversations and all ready to grab and
stuff Tink into an open pillow case on my lap if she
freed herself. You can see the photo just how loose
she got that harness Ver 3.0

We got home and she tugged at the BS freeing
herself immediately looking at me to complete that
act by taking it off her. I got the feeling she could
have taken it off any time that evening but she stuck
to the norms and did not do so.

I will not go into the details of Ver3.1 to Ver 3.5
developments that Sunday evening as human cunning pit
against Tink wits. I am certain she really enjoyed

Enough to say that the present Ver 4.0 is impossi er
er going to be difficult for her to do her
adjustments in the future.

The BS now consists of a line with two bowline loops.
One end thread through the other bowline loop, curl
around the breast extension and BS before turning
around to be locked by that spring loaded thingy. The
steel loop of that spring loaded thingy is where the
leash attaches on. Tink harness Ver 4.0 seemed
resistant to her experiments over the last two nights.
The BS can be fitted on swiftly even if you are all
thumbs like me. It seems to be failsafe in two way
and can be swift taken out again.

That spring loaded thingy was part of a keychain
easily bought anywhere.

I now present Tink harness Ver 4.0 to you folks in
case you are thinking of one yourself.

Note the ease of fastening the BS. BS can be readily
replaceable in case of wear and tear. You must
always check that before using it on your charge.

They can enjoy being outside with you and live a
richer life.

If you make use of Tink harness Ver 4.0 and feel
grateful enough to take out your chequebook, just
write whatever amount that you think it is worth and
more and send it to Durell Wildlife Conservation
Trust (by deceased Gerald Durell) or whatever wildlife
trust or animal shelter that you like.

If you do not have much money now, you can always pay
later when you do have more money.

In that folder, there are more shots of the tea house
just across the road from where I stay except that the
shots are taken during the day. With us on that day
is Anna. Anna is Marie's friend. Marie is the expat
lady that we have never met but got to know Joy via
email and gave us the huge parrot tower. We were in
Australia when Marie had to leave Taiwan and Anna kept
and store the tower for us until we got back to
Taiwan. She was passing through Chiayi on that day
and stopped by to see Tinkerbell for the first time.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter


The above harness had been superseded with critical refinements. The above letter was included as it did lay down certain fundamentals that are required even in the latest harness.

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(and do not forget that cheque to Durell or WWW if you can spare some money)
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