From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Fri May 23, 2003  11:10 pm
Subject:  Tink harness Mark 4.0 - Field testing

The last Sunday saw us in the same area where that
disasterous free flight 1 took place.

The difference this time was that Tinkerbell wore the
harness Mk 4.

Some of the shots of that trip are in

I cannot write that much now as we need to sleep early
so we can leave the house early on Sat to get up on
our little bike to Jade mountain I wrote about earlier
this month. We will stay overnight and be back on

Tinkerbell will be coming with us this time in her
carrier cage and in her harness for yet another field

Folks, may you all have a very nice weekend

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter
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