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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Wed Jun 4, 2003  9:45 am
Subject:  Tink tether -( was Tinkerbell at Alishan mountains)

Glad that you enjoyed that little account and the

I am responding to all the emails on this Wed morning
which is a public holiday here. Some 2 thousand years
ago, one intensely civic official protested to the
emporer that his enjoyment of life off the public
budget was ruining the country. That official then
jumped into a river to kill himself. To avoid his
body from being eaten by fishes, people threw rice
wrapped in leaves to placate the fishes and the
dragons. Which lead to this holiday where people have
races in 'dragon boats' and dumplings of glutinous
rice and meat wrapped in bamboo leaves.

I will pick up my rental car early afternoon and will
not be back till sat/sun. My wife decided (and I
agree) long trips on a small bike made us find too
many creaks and cracks in our backs and bums.

I dropped by a fishing shop last saturday. I used to
fish but have not done so for a long time. I was
amazed by the developement of fishing lines. I picked
up a 50m line for Tinkerbell tether. For a diameter
of 0.86mm, that line can hold 120kg or 250 lbs. I
doubt Tink can break free of that.

A search on the internet on Dyneema found that fibre
is also used in bulletproof vests.

You have seen the fields that surround Chiayi. I can
pick a spot easily 300 meters away from any trees or
bushes that can entangle the line. Tink can have a
very good fly that I feel is essential to her well
being and I can continue to grow old naturally without
any accelerated push from Tink.

I will continue to keep all posted on this new

Warmest regards


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> > My next development will be some kind of
> > fishing reel with long enough line for her to have
> > good long flight as she wished.
> I hope you get feedback about this on the FreeFlight
list, Shanlung,
> but it seems to me that this could become
dangerously entangled in
> bushes and trees, causing Tink injury. And if she
did get loose,
> having a harness on her would be a big liability to
> Great story and photos!
> Melinda Johnson
> BirdClick Admin ^v^