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I was writing as Khampa2, but with my signature of Idiotic Taoist

From:  khamba2 -
Date:  Wed, Jun 2 1999 12:00 am 

Groups:   alt.philosophy.taoism

Paul Humphries <p...@netcraft.com> wrote:


>I feel a bit skeptical about enlightenment at the moment, so wish to ask
>some questions to anyone who has any ideas..

>When a person reaches the state of pure, total enlightment and absolute
>truth, what does this mean? Is it that they are now learning openly to
>the greatest of their potential? What sort of knowledge of reality
>emerges? What abilities does this give the person? How many truely
>enlightened masters exist, do you think? How do they live? Would they
>have any preferences in taste in music?


Sorry that I am answering with this is an old letter.  I do hope the
words of  Taoist Master Tseng Lao Weng can answer a bit of your
question even if he did not mention his preferences for music be it
classical, hard rock or heavy metal.


I have mourned that many of my books stayed back in my home town
while I was wandering ,working and staying elsewhere.

But a selection of John Blofeld's books followed me.

I thought I quote one of my favorite portion from his book 'Taoism,
The Secret and Sublime' which may help others understand and decide
for themselves if Taoism is a philosophy or a religion.

I myself, never did feel that either path is important.

He was talking to this Taoist Master Tseng Lao Weng.

(now using also his format and capitalizations..)

Having heard from me of Sir Edwin Arnold's lovely expression for
entering Nirvana, 'the dew-drop slips into the shining sea', he
exclaimed with delight, but added:

'And yet it does not capture the whole.  Since the Tao is all and
nothing lies outside it, since its multiplicity and unity are
identical, when a finite being sheds the illusion of separate
existence, he is not lost in the Tao.  By casting off his imaginary
limitations, he becomes immeasurable.

Plunge the finite into the infinite and, though only one remains, the
finite, far from being diminished, takes on the stature of infinity.
Such perception will bring you face to face with the true secret
cherished by all the accomplished sages.  The mind of one who returns
to the Source thereby BECOMES the Source.  Your own mind is DESTINED

The Taoistic Idiot