From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Sat Jan 18, 2003  8:17 pm
Subject:  Tinkerbell semi freeflight 1B - the report

I thought I better write this first. I will follow up
with the photos later.

I will be checking back periodically over the weekend
using the web interface to answer any queries or to
expand on any points that may be raised.

We went back to that office first floor again this

We brought with us the basket stand thats on top of
his cage. Her favourite toys, the clickers, the
cocktail stirrer targets, sunflower seeds, her dishes
and seed mix to make her feel as secure as we can.

I thought deep about it and decided I will not bring
the frisbees and rolled up socks. I really felt the
first time I was far too excited and in my eagerness
to see how she fly in a bigger environment, common
sense went out of the window. I felt certain enough
enough this time at where I went wrong the first time.
Should I be wrong about it, I still can make frisbees
out of the cardboard boxes lying around the room to
get her down.

I also thought Tinkerbell already knows how to fly and
teaching her to fly will be like a blind trying to
explain how to appreciate the colors of a rainbow to
the fully sighted.

Free flight must be more a deep bonding in which our
relationship with them is such that they will want to
remain with us. Since Tinkerbell have shown more than
once that she got an independent mind, relying
entirely just on recall training will be no guarantee
of her returning.

When we got there around 330pm on 18 Jan 2003, I place
some newspaper on the floor, place the water and seed
dishes around it, set up that basket stand and her
toys, then set her carrier along side and opened the
door. I did not urge her out unlike the first time.
She looked out of that open door, hesitated for about
5 mins before slowing stepping out. I was in no hurry
this time and was prepared even not to fly her if she
did not feel like it.

She then stepped over to her familiar toys and beaked
it about. A request of step up was done immediately
to a lot of soft talk. She was then placed on the
basket stand where she walked up and down. A
sunflower seed was gently offered and she accepted to
a big relief from me. 'Touch target' cue was given
and she responded immediately and she took her treat
too. I gave a bigger sigh of relief and asked her to
step up to walk around while talking softly to her.
Periodically I offered her treat which she took.
'Touch target' was done on cue and she took her treat

After walking around the area with her either on my
shoulder or her making her way down to my arm, I went
back to base to let her be. She went to her toys
again but stopped to respond to my 'touch target' and
take her treat.

I then stepped back 5 feet to ask her 'come here'.
She was more interested in the backpack then me and
she trying to chew that bag. I felt that bag
distract her too much and I can legitimately remove
that bag far away. I then tried again to call her.
She looked at me hesitantly and then launched herself
off that basket. For a brief moment, I had nightmare
of having to frisbee her down, but she came right at

That was such a delicious feeling. Even more so when
she demanded her treat. I gave her the grand jackpot
of head rubs and 3-4 seeds in succession.

She was taken back to the basket stand and the next
recall was done at 10 feet. She did not hesitate at
all and came immediately at my cue. I took her again
for a walk around that room cueing her to 'touch
target' a couple of times and taking pleasure in her
eating the treats. She then was taken back to base to
let her play with her toys.

We stayed around for 5 minutes and then we walked
across the broad side of the room to do a 40 feet
recall. She was on her basket poised and came
immediately at the signal.

I really felt so so good about the whole exercise.

Then on her own, she decided to do a flight off my
hand to base. I was worried that was a spook until
she circled back and around a column and landing back
on me without recall.

I was so happy inside that she showed us the curiousty
that comes from intelligence and with the bonding and
trust in me to come uncalled.

She then became cranky biting my buttons of my shirt.
I had no qualms at her chewing up all the buttons but
I felt I needed to make her feel all is as normal by
shouting at her in my usual way ' No buttons' and
forcing her beak off to her loud protests. I gave her
sunflower seeds for that burst of behaviour and took
her back to base again.

We then left her there to walk deliberately further
away and watched her from the corner of our eyes while
pretending to ignore her playing with her toys. In
about 30 seconds, she flew to us. She then took off
to fly around the room landing periodically on my wife
or me.

I then felt confident enough to toss her from my arm
shouting 'fly' to see what she will do. She went up
and up and circled half the room and returned to me.

We went back to base for her to r and r.

She was then taken to the ladder. I tested her with
'touch target' to get her immediate response and she
took readily her treat.

We went to the long end of the room to cue her recall.

She came immediately on signal. In the past, she flew
at home in a 45 degree angle. In the room and in
longer distance, her body was horizontal in flight but
twisting into a 45 angle at about 10 feet from landing
as she slowed down. I bleed a lot less this time
unlike the earlier time when she used my arm to absorb
her shock landings.

At about 5 pm we called it a day and left for home.

She was so cuddly with me at home this time unlike the
cold shoulder the last time.

I will be preparing Tink's mash later this evening
after my dinner, still unfortunately without blackeyed
and a few other beans. She only got 3 more days left
with me before she goes to my friend. After that
mash, I will get about preparing those photos to
invite all you folks again.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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