3 Sept 2004


Tinkerbell at Green Island and Taroko Gorge – Green Island.


Hi folks,


That you see this means we all survived that last typhoon that hit here on 24-25 Aug. The other typhoon  went  North to ravaged Japan. Having so little time left in Taiwan, we had to continue on our plan trips regardless of typhoons.


On Sunday 22 Aug, we took the train to TaiDong to catch the ferry to Green Island, one of the many places that I love in Taiwan.  Tinkerbell ,  my CAG cum daughter, was in her carrier cage and most undignifiedly smuggled onto the train in a big black bag not at all befitting to Her Grace


The first time I was there was back in 1990. That time, GI was a penal colony like Devils Island.  I caught a flight there and were among the rare passenger who was not handcuffed and legs chained.  Luckily the pilot was not handcuffed too.


As I explored about the island that time, I thought I died and was in paradise.  That was a more primitive or should I say, primodial times. That island has this hotspring located out in the sea but buffered by rocks from the waves.  So at high tide, the sea floods in and fishes will get into the hot pools.  At low tide, the hot pools get the chance to heat up and you can then lower yourself  in the hot water while watching the little fishes that came in slowly cooked.  That time, I had to walk gingerly out on sharp lava rocks.  With a few oil torches that I stuck in the rocks to give me light, I was there alone the entire night warmed by the water and gazing upwards to all the stars.  I recalled that evening, I saw only 4 other souls mad enough to join me even if for just a while.


I had lots of photos taken on my camera by Joy for this trip.  But they are not organized and as I just received an email from my wife with her photos already in the Net, I thought I piggy back on her photos from her camera.  But that means you got to see some of her photos on food and other nicnaks that you do not see in mine.  You are most welcome to see



for other photos on green island from an earlier trip go to




Eventually, I will add the photos from my camera as well but not now for this letter.


I thought going there on Sunday we would see a lot less people.  But the crowd waiting for the ferry was so enormous making me worried if I could get a room at all.


We eventually got us a room and a scooter.  Since Tinkerbell rides with me on the scooter, I took a rope to wrap around the rearview mirrors to provide her an impromptu perch to hang on.


We then rode out to this human rights memorial park.  Though the typhoon had not reached yet, the winds were strong.  But that park was so beautiful that I thought I fly her.  Despite the force 6 winds, she came so readily to me.  One remarkable flight must be described.   You can see in photo 16 that this memorial had this sunken area but it slowly rise up to ground level by a grassy lawn.  Tink was down and I recalled her to fly up to me.  It was a beautiful flight and the sequence was captured of her flying to me.  Then my camera ran out of memory.  Tink continued up and beyond me.  I still tensed and in dilemma to quickly draw in the line.  She then arc back to me and flew a big circle  high above me.  She then continued down to my shoulder allowing me to breath fully again.


The next few day, we scootered around enjoying the sights. We went to the hot spring changed totally over the years from my original primordial hotspring that I knew.  They started with concrete paths out to the hot pools.  Then they continued to ‘improve’ on it by piping the hot water into a spa that they built.


The winds were getting stronger and with huge waves crashing over the barrier rocks, we could not get out to the original hotspring in the rock pools.  The typhoon veered up north and we got only a bit of it.  But that typhoon hit Taiwan and dropped 1600mm, yes, one thousand and six hundred mm of rain in just one day.  Hardly any rain fell on Green Island though.


Our plans to leave GI on Wednesday had to be changed to Thursday as no ferry was running on Wednesday.  But on Wednesday, the winds and waves diminished enough that the sea hot pools could be used.  Tink chose to remain much of the time in her carrier cage.




We then went on to Taroko Gorge but that is another story that I am writing now.



With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below

Joy - wife,   Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat

Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets


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