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Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school




Hi folks,


This is Saturday 21 Aug 04 afternoon and I am at home

patiently uploading fotos and writing this letter.
Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school shanlung's Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school photoset

The afternoon started with me riding out with Tink,

for about 10 minutes before the sky darkened and I

turned back reaching home just before it poured!


So I thought I better do what I told myself to do many

times before, getting this out to you folks.


You are welcomed to the URL below.

Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school


The first foto got us standing in front of the bronze

sign of the school.  The next couple of shots show the

initiation 3-4 meters short flight that Tink MUST have

at the beginning.


Then other sequential shots at the back of the school.


Very few people come inside, maybe a reluctance

because of the school itself.  I feel sorrier for

those misguided people than for the nice students

inside.  They are still on holiday.


Some of the best flights unfortunately were not taken.

Tink flies to me not just directly.  At times, she zig

and zag making it difficult for my wife to capture. Or

a very long flight which exceed the camera memory

which then cannot capture the ending bit where she

soared upwards to spiral around me gyrodropping on my



Or the light is bad.


Check out the sequence starting from
Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school shanlung's Tinkerbell flying at Chiayi special school photoset


Tink flew parallel to the trees before arcing out to

come to me.


You then see the foto titled 60+ meter recall.  The

first part was not uploaded as she cannot be seen in

the dark background.  She started from the railings.

Joy was standing between us shooting at her.  Joy

caught her winging high above her but memory ran out

after that point.  Absolutely dissappointing to me as

she continued to me spiralling before she dropped











With warmest regards


Shanlung - lackey to all below

Joy - wife,   Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat

Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets


earlier emails and photo links on Tink -

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