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From: shan lung <shanlung9@y

From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Fri Apr 9, 2004  4:59 pm
Subject:  How that brat nearly killed Tinkerbell

Folks, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned an incident
but as that was so raw that I could not talk about it
as the images in my mind were so horrendous.

But as that involved the use of harness, I knew I had
to write that down even though I doubt you be faced
with such possible scenerio, unless you are in England
where that brat J is now in.

This email is also written as I saw in my wife's
webshots that a picture was taken at that crucial
moment. That particular folder is " Rhino Beetle Farm


But back to some background.

MJ, the mom of J, has been friend of my wife Joy since
high school days notwithstanding MJ studied in Taiwan
and Joy in Singapore. They kept in touch via snail
mail letters. MJ also came to stay with us in
HongKong for a few days 8 years ago and became my
friend too.

Old friends are very rare and thus, I cut her a lot of
slack as otherwise, not withstanding invitations, I
would have thrown out J after I caught him trying to
feed paper with oil paint on it to Tinkerbell on
Friday evening.

I still tried to be a good host. On that sunday, I
thought I take them all to this big recreational farm
known as Rhinocerous Beetle farm. That farm breeds
rhinocerous beetles , and ostrichs, and cows, and
pigs. But the main source of that farm income is to
let visitors play and BBQ and eat in their restaurants
set in 60 hectacres of land on the foothills of
Alishan mountains.

I reckoned with such a huge place, those two kids can
run wild, burn out their energy while I look for a
place to hide with Tinkerbell and read a book or two.

I also called my local friend Mr Yu, who rescued and
returned Tink when she spooked and flew away from me.
If I cannot take Tinkerbell with me, he and his family
will be the parront of Tinkerbell.

I thought he and his kids can help me to contain J,
until J and A and mom go back to Kaoshiong city.

We reached that farm, and I found a corner for myself
and Tinkerbell. I happily agreed to stay there while
Joy and MJ take the kids about.

In an hour, they came back. J was "playing" with some
local kids uninvited to J and was rather rough with
them. To the extent one of them came with a rock and
wanted to check out just how tough J was. Please
folks, Taiwanese and their kids are gentle and kind
people. Somehow, I did not feel very surprised with

My friend Yu turned up soon after that with his

J went off, undoubtly to make a nuisance of himself
somewhere else.

Yu love to take Tink on his shoulder and we went off
to walk around a bit before returning to our place.

I talked to Yu about recalls. Tinkerbell was placed
on a piece of timber and she nicely flew back to me as
cued to show Yu how it was done. As expected, quite a
few onlookers were fascinated by it all and crowded
around but giving clear space to us.

Tinkerbell was placed again on the perch and I was
only 4 meters away, nothing at all when I regularly do
20-30 meters recall.

All of a sudden, the brat ran right through the others
laughing and screaming his head off. He ran right
through the line of people, chested the fishing line
leash and jerked Tinkerbell off the perch as if it was
a great game.

My wife earlier loaned one of her digital camera to
Yu's kid and he happened to snap the foto right at
that moment. In the folder you will find the photo
titled "Oops". J was the one wearing red and white T
shirt and half hidden by another person.

I had such a shock and instantly shouted to him to
stop. At the same time, I quickly threw my reel to
the other side to ease any tension on the line to
avoid Tinkerbell being dragged further and be crushed
by that brat.

I reached for that brat collar to bring him down. He
stumbled and I got off balance and about to drop my
100kg right onto him. To try to avoid him, I allowed
my body to spin up in the air.

Time stopped for me and everything was like in slow
motion. An agonising thought came into my mind as I
was spining and falling that I will roll and crush my
beloved Tinkerbell. Then for that split second,
another thought came to my mind I crush and kill J. I
hate to say , but I felt happiness for a while before
the human in me worried at his possible death and more
important to me, the grief of his mom.

My body then hit the ground.

At that time, so I later found out, Yu rushed to Tink
and saved her in his arms although that was not known
to me.

J's photo is not with any of us other than that
particular shot.

You understand that I told my wife I do not want any
of his photos on any of our computers.

You all also understand that never ever will J ever
step into our house again.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter