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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Tue Mar 9, 2004  4:39 pm
Subject:  Tink throw tantrum


Hi folks,

As usual, early part of the month was so busy that
only now I can resurface from my lurkdom.

Late last month, I witnessed a fantastic tantrum from
Tinkerbell that I hope never to see again.

But first, I need to fill in some background.

Ms MJ is a Taiwanese married to an English man with
two kids, a little girl about 5 and a boy, J, about 7.
She is a very old friend of my wife Joy and my friend
too. Since she came back to Taiwan for a while with
her two kids, we invited her to spend a weekend with
us in Chiayi.

They came over on Friday. The girl was nice but the
boy was one of those hyperactive kind. While we have
had friends staying with us before, they have always
been far less active.

I was not feeling very well as it was that day.

Seeing the way the kids played with Zorro my ferret, I
decided to curtail Zorro's freedom and returned him to
the cage. HT the Bim disappeared the way only cat
know. In the evening, after seeing J trying to give a
piece of paper with oil paint on it to Tinkerbell, I
gritted my teeth and returned Tink back to the cage.
Long time friendship with his mother hold my hand from
chucking that brat into the washing machine and
running it through its cycles. J wasn't very
controllable by his mom.

You know that Tink sleep outside the cage in my
bookshelf. Not only was I not prepared to let Tink
out with J around, I made it a point to sit on the
sofa by her side to make sure nothing else can happen
and until J got into the spare room to sleep.

Being sick to start with and together with J antics,
that got me seriously unwell. So much so that I had
to go to bed very early with Tink still in her cage.

My wife Joy told me that when the lights were switched
off, Tinkerbell must have been so aghast that she was
still in the cage and we were at home that she raised
a ruckus and threw her toys about in the cage. Joy
was not going to wake me, not that I think I could
have woken anyway.

Next morning I woke up feeling much better. Tink
seemed to be grouchy in the cage. But as I had to go
to the office that Saturday and as I woke up late, I
had only the time to give Tink her mash and rushed
off. I knew the plans were for all of them to go off
somewhere for the day giving me some relief from the
thought of the kids at home.

I came back after work to let Tink out of the cage.
She was quiet and did not greet me as normal. She kind
of look at me from her perch, ignored my hand and
rushed out to fly to other hanging perches. She did
not even look at me when I initiated recalls. But as
she normally want a period of time to herself to do
some exuberant flying, I thought no more of that.

Except she was not flying and not preening but just
sat on the tower looking at me. Then Joy and that
family came home. Now, Tinkerbell hardly ever pay any
attention to Joy at all. But when I called Tinkerbell
to come to me, Tink made a point of flying to Joy's
shoulder for a few seconds before flying off to yet
another perch. I thought Tink was finally warming up
to Joy. After I tried 3-4 recalls with Tink flying to
Joy each time, I started to think it to be strange.

What stunned me enough to know it was very unusual was
when I walked to Tink, reached out my hand and asked
her to 'step up'. No matter what, that cue is so
embedded into her that she will always do that if
nothing else.

Tinkerbell turned her back to me and refused to step
up. She then flew a short distance away. Again and
again I approached her and asked her to step up and I
was amazed to see she refused to do so and refused
even to look at my direction.

Joy then told me about the night before that Tink
screamed and cried in the cage. That made me feel so
bad that I had to apologise to Tink and explained that
I was sick. I have no idea if she knew what I was
talking to her. But Tink then flew to my shoulder and
became very feisty, hooking her claws to my shirt, she
dangled downwards to my chest and screamed and
chattered away mouthing me rather hard. She then
clambered up and down from one shoulder to the other
shoulder before quieting down to sit by the side of
the sofa for her headrubs.

Then the kids came out of their room. The moment J
came to sit on the sofa besides me, Tink flew over to
land near him. She walked the foreign legion walk the
same way as she would do the Halftail the Bim. Much
as I love Tink chewing on J, I felt honor bound to
snatch up Tink and asked J to play in another room.
Tink seemed to blame them for the disruption to her

It was only on Monday that they left that Tinkerbell
finally forgiven me. Returning to me on cue, flying
to perches on cue and being again her sweet self to




From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Thu Mar 11, 2004  5:39 pm
Subject:  Tink throw tantrum 2


Hi folks,

Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulders and all
your comments and well wishes for Tink and me. The
addition of your own episodes of your fid throwing
tantrums be it from grandchild visit, or attention to
other pair of fids or friends coming over are very
illuminating to me. I am sorry for not reply to all
of you individually.

What is remarkable is that our fids seem to
demonstrate a wide and rich range of human-like
emotions beyond what I expected.

I talked to Tinkerbell that Saturday evening before
Joy got home and was given a very frosty shoulder from
her. It was only after Joy told me the whole story
that I related in earlier email that I felt compelled
to apologise and explain that I was sick and was too
worried to let her out with that boy around that Tink
broke the ice and kind of freaked out on my shoulder.
Almost as if she accepted and forgave me , in her
own feisty way.

Believe me, I much rather that scratching and hard
nibbling of me then the cold shoulder where she
utterly ignored me. As if she understood my worries
over that brat and accepted my explanation in
the way she flew off me to strut towards him when he
sat on the sofa with me.

I would not have done it, but I wonder what if I
laughed instead of apologizing to Tink.

That incident is fortunately not replicable. While
the mom and the daughter will be welcomed, that brat
will never be allowed in my apartment again.

What he did on Sunday that will flip all of you. He
nearly caused Tinkerbell. to be badly injured or
killed and too painful and frightening for me to talk
about even now.

They are staying in a city about 100 km away and in
any case, will be back in England within a week. He
is likely to cause his mom a lot of grief.

A bright lining for my everyday life came out from
that sleeping incident.

Needless to say, Saturday night had Tinkerbell
sleeping in her favourite bookshelf again. I was
worried in case Tink get out as she does if
lights are switched on after she goes into her
bookshelf bedroom. From my lurking here in other
threads where you folks talked about covering
the cage to let your fids sleep, I took a dark blue
cloth to cover the opening after she went into her
bookshelf bedroom. That worked so nicely that on
Sunday morning, I was surprised not be be woken up by
Tink, my 3rd alarm clock to find she was still

Since then, I place the dark cloth when she go into
her bedroom so I can switch on lights again later on
without waking her. I remove the cloth when all the
lights will definitely remain out and I go to my
bedroom so she can wake me in the morning if I fail
to wake up to the other two alarms in my room.