From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Sun May 2, 2004  10:40 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell wearing harness
Tinkerbell wearing harness shanlung's Tinkerbell wearing harness photoset

We finally managed to shoot some fairly decent
pictures to illustrate how the harness is placed on
Tinkerbell. The first couple attempts got mainly my
fingers and thumbs.

I am also at home this Sunday morning banging out this
email. Most unusual as I rather be out with wife and
Tink. But if I do not get this email out, lurkdom
will engulf me till 8-9 May. And as the pics were
taken already, its a shame to hold them til I am free
to write.

The URL Tinkerbell wearing harness is
Tinkerbell wearing harness shanlung's Tinkerbell wearing harness photoset

The first few pics are on the basic components of the
harness. You have the bodystrap referred to as BS
with its two big loops at the end. The loops are
secured using the double figure of eight. The loops
are large enough to thread through comfortably.

You have the neck loop with two extensions.
One run down the back with a tiny loop A and the
other run down the breast with another tiny loop B.

The picture below with the two orange target sticks
inserted to show the back loop A and breast loop B.

You have the harness leash permanently looped just
below breast loop B. This harness leash is the key to
locking the entire harness in place very swiftly.
This short leash is to fasten directly to travelling
basket or shirt (if fid is to be on shoulder and you
wanna go biking).

The main leash will be attached to this harness leash
(maybe mentioned as body leash in other emails).

The placing of the harness is demonstrated on bottle.

You noticed two harness, one light green which I
currently use and another dark green harness hold in
reserve. The body leash consist of 2 loops of very
strong special fishing line. I was concerned the very
strong line on the softer harness material and felt
the harness may wear through. I then introduced two
tiny fishing line loops to reinforce that connection
and to allow easier insertion of a loop from the BS.
This is essentially the tiny loop B of the neck loop

Two loops in case Tink chews through one. Look at pic
3 and 4 to show how fortunate was the introducing of
that reinforcement. The original loop B was frayed to
a couple of threads.

After the demo placing of harnesses on the bottle, the
series show two placing of harness on Tink.

Note how I can approach Tink with the harness without
her flying away from me. She cooperate with me all
the time.

I believe the photos are clear and self explanatory.
But if you have any parts that need clarifications,
just ask.

But note that you may not be answered for a week.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter