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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Fri May 7, 2004  4:22 pm
Subject:  Re: Recall training

For those of you with fids, clicker training is just
so important to socialising and bonding that I cannot
stress enough that you should get into clicker
training if you have not done so.

When I got into clicker training about two years ago,
I realised that this was my key to getting recall as I
was going to let Tinkerbell fly. You all agree
allowing a fid to fly without recall can be

The target stick training was so very important to me.
After the initial bend down and bend up and bend left
and bend right to touch the target stick to get her
click and treat, I went beyond. As Tink gets bored
with too many repetitions, I had to think of other
ways but still involving the target stick.

She had to walk along sofa to get that target stick.
She flew to perch to walk and claw her way to 'touch
target'. Tink had to pull that target stick on a
chain to 'touch target'.

All that was to make sure she got to love that target

Below are shots of her doing that.


For her recall, my arm for her to fly to was inches
away and at level of her feet. The target stick was
wriggled at her to entice her to hop and flap to me
together with voice cue of "come here". When she
hopped and flapped across, it was click and treat.

That was extended to a foot and then a couple of feet
for her to flap her way across to me. While the visual
cue to her was the target stick, it was the click and
treat together with the voice cue and bend arm to
condition her. The distance was then extended to 5
feet and beyond.

You can see that in the photos below


You can see how I use the target stick as a lure to
induce her on recall to me.

Subsequently, I faded the target stick away depending
on voice cues alone.

Then the clicker was faded away and now her treats are
given on an irregular basis, from none at all to 4-5

She is regularly recalled from 20-30 meters and beyond

For those who are not flying fids, it will also be a
very good idea to train for this recall. It is fun to
teach and fun for them to learn.

There may come a time you are so glad that your fid
understand and respond to recall.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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