Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 00:34:34 -0700 (PDT)
   From: shan lung <>
Subject: Volitional recall – At pavilion beyond Dragon Eye
The last Saturday on 8th May, the first series of Tink
wearing harness was shot in preparation to take her
out for breakfast with us.  We then got home.  The
second series of that shot was in preparation for her
to go out with us for the rest of the day.
Tinkerbell at pavilion beyond Dragon Eye shanlung's Tinkerbell at pavilion beyond Dragon Eye photoset
I  have wrote earlier that I reached TsaoLing after 5
or so attempts as the road there passed by so many
other nice places that I got side tracked.
Since the day promised to be a great day, I thought I
will take Joy with me to a beautiful nook up the
mountains stumbled on by me in one of the 5 attempts
to reach TsaoLing.  That was a charming hamlet called
LungYen, or in English, Dragon eye.  I have no idea
why that name was given.  Chinese here have fertile
imagination and perhaps the part of the mountain here
looks like a dragon and the little knoll the hamlet
was on is the eye.  Or the way the hamlet overlook the
series of mountain ranges in the distance, awesome on
a very clear day but a misty haze on most other days.
Or maybe a passing dragon did leave his eye there in
the distant past.
We reached LungYen in late morning taking with us a
picnic lunch and a most wonderful durian we bought
from a little town along the way.  On the premise that
the grass is always greener on the other side, or the
view beyond the other ridge may be greater, I thought
I ride on.  Tinkerbell on the bike perch caught my
thoughts and my gaze and paused in her current
pleasure of ripping the towel Velcro fastenings from
the bike to bob her head in agreement.
Tinkerbell at pavilion beyond Dragon Eye shanlung's Tinkerbell at pavilion beyond Dragon Eye photoset
Joy seating
behind me did not moan of the aches in her bum thus
giving me the go-ahead to continue on.
The ride was beautiful and I relished in the cool of
2000m thinking of the baking 33C down on the plains. 
Then I saw this pavilion on a viewing platform in the
distance, a tiny kink on the side of yet another
mountain.  There and then, I felt that to be the true
destination for that day.
Reaching that pavilion, it was set in the midst of a
tea garden with small rotund tea bushes all around it.
 We climbed up the steps to the platform about 30 by
30 meters to find that we have it all to ourselves. 
We set ourselves up in the little pavilion which
provided welcomed shade from the burning sun to have
our lunch.  
I pulled out about 20m of free line for Tinkerbell to
give her more flexibility should she want to fly
about.  She was content to remain on the table taking
the noodles and fried rice.  She was engrossed in
trying to undo the additional tether line windings on
the clip and ignored us lying on the benches catching
up with our readings.
I will try to upload those photos later this evening.
URL to pics
Perhaps because this place was surrounded by big tea
gardens without any trees, I did not see any raptors
or huge ravens that had put a scare on me in other
places.  I did not see any cats or dogs wandering
about that I need to keep careful watch on.  After an
hour, the three of us were still the only people
Instead of the normal recalls that I do with
Tinkerbell, I thought that place will be perfect for
me to test Tinkerbell on volitional recalls, that she
fly to me of her own free will and accord.  
I then pulled out about 35 meters of free line laying
the line on bench and floor so the line will not
entangle.  Joy and I then left the pavilion to walk to
the edge of the platform leaving Tinkerbell on the
table inside the pavilion.  We went to the outermost
table to sit and talk.  Tinkerbell turned her head to
watch us and went back to her study of the clip and
line.  We waited and waited in the sun to see her
flicker her gaze to us now and then.
I then figured that perhaps Tinkerbell was smarter
than us in remaining in the shade while we waited for
her in the burning sun. I am happy to change the rules
in the middle of the game.  I called to her and in a
while, she winged her way out to us.
She got her seeds and her head rubs and remained on
the table on the edge of the platform.  After a few
minutes to make sure she settled in, we quietly
removed ourselves and went back to the pavilion.  In a
while, she looked around and on her own, she flew back
to join us landing on my shoulder to give little
nibbles to my ear.  She then hopped back to the table
to check out the bags and stuff.
That volitional recall pleased me a lot.  Perhaps she
missed me.  Perhaps she found the sun hot and wanted
to be back in the cool shade.  But what mattered was
that she came back to me of her own accord.
I then took her out again to a far table to spend some
time headrubbing her to get her to settle down.  I
then walked to another far table out in the sun and
waited for her keeping her in the corner of my eye. 
Without doing any recall, she gathered her harness
leash in her beak and flew over to me.  Joy was in the
pavilion and was excited over the photos she was
taking of Tink flying to me.  I thought  I could
repeat that again and walked to yet another table.
Tink was watching me and before I got 5 meters away,
immediately took off and flew to me shoulder.  To
Joy’s shouts that I got in way of picture, I tried
again to leave to go to another table.  Tink was very
watchful and flew to me the moment I left prompting me
to run. This went on a few more times with her landing
on my shoulder before I could even get to the tables I
ran to.
I tried again and I could hear her flaps catching up
behind me so I did a swerve  and thought she would
turn as before.
I should have known she was getting angrier at me. 
The series of rapid photos showed her flying past my
shoulder this time and my face developing this
anguished look as it dawned on me games repeated may
not be that fun if one party felt aggrieved by it. 
She flew past the pavilion until the tangled line
brought her short.
I went to retrieve her (thankful again for the line)
and brought her into the pavilion and made my
apologies to her.  
After a short while, I saw her still on the table
standing motionless.  She did not even looked at my
direction when called.  Joy was worried and went over
to her.  She called me over and I hurried to find Tink
still motionless, the swivel removed from the upper
clip and she was standing only in her harness and body
leash and clip.  Tink turned to eye me and bobbed her
body and drum her beak in victory on the table.
You understand now why I was so paranoid in requesting
any of you using my harness to be very careful.
The body leash consist of two loops that I double
wound to bulk it at the top thinking the swivel joint
cannot get past that to the mouth of the clip.  The
main line was woven on the lower clip and making it
extremely difficult for Tink to remove.  She must have
known of the weak spot.  She was very angry and
decided to show me in her own way her displeasure by
taking out the swivel joint after pushing those double
windings away.
She then remained motionless knowing we would go to
There and then, I modified that body leash/clip
arrangement.   The only part needed to be clipped on
was the main line clip to the swivel.  I took a short
line to wind and tie down fast the two body leash
loops to the clip such that the swivel can never be
brought to the clip mouth ever again.  That is why in
the photos for Tink harness and the demo I made on the
bottle later that evening after we got back, you see
that body leash and clip to be so heavily knotted
unlike the simple double loops used  earlier  in the
that morning.
We need to stop our arrogance on our cleverness.  The
concept of it easy for us to put it on and impossible
for them to free themselves is based on unfounded
arrogance for our own ill perceived human
The best I can hope for is that if it is extremely
difficult for me to remove, it will also be extremely
difficult for Tink to remove either.  The body leash
is now firmly and forever tied to the clip in a way
impossible for me to remove without cutting the line.
The main line is whipped and woven onto the clip and
complex to put on and difficult for me to remove and
hopefully making it extremely difficult for Tink to
remove either.
That should be clearer in the photos that I will try
to download later this evening.
URL to pics
With warmest regards

Joy - wife,   Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter