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Date:  Sun Sep 5, 2004  1:19 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell - start of final chapter


4 Sept 2004
 Zorro and Bimbo - farewells shanlung's Zorro and Bimbo - farewells photoset
Hi folks,

I could not bring Zorro with us when my contract ends
on 14 Oct and I have to leave Taiwan. Ferrets are not
allowed in the country I had to go back to.

I had thoughts of taking Halftail with us. But the
recent news that cats can carry the avian flu virus
meant she cannot come.

There is an ache in my heart. I am also happy too. I
always felt sorry for those two that I cannot give
them the attention and time that I wanted to because
of the jealousy of Tinkerbell.

I have known the Shi family and Wu family through Yu
and have become good friends.

As I have quite a bit of leave outstanding and I
wanted to travel about Taiwan with Tinkerbell, I
thought it will be time to let those two go on to
their respective family. By doing so earlier, I will
still be around in case of initial problems. And if
it did not go on well, I can intervene on their

Wednesday, 1 Sept 2004, was when we took Zorro to the
Shi family with his cage and everything that Zorro
needs. Zorro was the first to be with me and spend
almost 3 years providing me much happiness. I had
this initial anxiety. But the warm welcome of Shi and
his family drove any doubts of their suitability away.
His son and girlfriend were so delighted with Zorro.
 Zorro and Bimbo - farewells shanlung's Zorro and Bimbo - farewells photoset
I went through with them on the characteristics of
Zorro and the handling of him and his needs. As the
evening went on, it was clearer and clearer to me that
Zorro will be happy there and the Shi family will love
him in return.

On Friday 3 Sept, Halftail the Bimbo was introduced to
the Wu family. After an initial hiding under sofa, Bim
was persuaded to come out. She was gentle with them
all allowing herself to be handled. That was aided by
judicious bribing of her with her favourite treats.
Mrs Wu was just delighted with Bim. Their daughter
and sons took turns in holding Bim. It was clear to
me that Bim will also be loved and well looked after
in her new home.

I am sad, but again very happy that this ended off in
this way. That Zorro and Halftail are with others
that love them too.

It will not be the last I see them. I have so much
incentive to come to Taiwan for holidays in future.
You have seen enough from my photos how beautiful it
is here. But in addition to the beauty, I also have
good friends here and the creatures I left behind to
hug and to hold again.

These are happy moments folks. If you have sad
thoughts that they are no longer with me, they are
with people who love them and respect them as much as
we do. It was clear to me on those two evenings that
Zorro and Bimbo were very happy with those folks. As
Wu and Shi are very good friends, it is likely that
Zorro and Bim will get to see each other from time to
time to resume their playing and wrestling from where
they left off.

Their last time with us can be seen in

Do not be sad. Life is too short as it is without
adding more sadness to it.

Be happy and give your fids a scritch for Zorro and

Please think well of all of them and wish them all the

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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