Back to school dated 24 Feb 04 Monday
This was the first time I wrote of her gyrodrop
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After coming back here from New Zealand and uniting Tinkerbell with Bim and Zor, I let her daily recall and fly-to training slipped.  Her pleasure in being back with me gave me another honeymoon period of a week or so.  She clung to me most of that time and I hardly have to look for her.  All I needed to do to find her was to turn my head as she was on my shoulder.  She even tolerated Bim being on the sofa lying next to my lap.  Gently nibbling my ear, Tink even ignored Zorro trying to climb up my trousers. Such idyllic home environment dovetailed nicely with my natural laziness and I did not resume Tink’s training routine formerly done on a regular basis.

Then it changed. 

Tink reverted back to her former self.  Even though Halftail the Bim was on the TV which was a place Tink hardly venture on, Tink acted as if Bim committed an act of lese majestic. A flurry of wings brought Tink towards the TV.  Bim sensed her heinous crime of raising herself above her station in life was going to be chastised by an avenging angel.  Tink landed on the TV swaggering towards Bim.  My poor cat  jumped down  to lurk under a table to Tink’s bobbing of body followed by her drumbeating on the TV.

Then another day, Zorro was nicely and comfortably curled up in my arms as I thought Tink was in another room having a go at some regency romances.  Another flurry of wing beats followed by sharp claws digging through my t shirt told me Tink had her fill of saccharine stories and wanted something tastier.  Experience told me to shrug my shoulder upwards and lower my arms, in time to see Tink with a mouthful of creamy  ferret fur, luckily without any part of the ferret attached.

Tink went back to discovering her many perches finding the longest way she can fly between two nearby perches with kamikaze flights to the wall before turning off at the last moment.

I thought it was time to show that princess that I am still the power behind her throne.  Recalls got her flying to me, with a couple of loud screams into my ear, and a bounce off my shoulder to yet another perch.  Cues for her to fly to the perch got her flying to the ring.  Cues to fly to the tower got her to the cupboard.  Without fail, all my named places were answered with flights to places of her chosing which included me, or ignoring me totally.

Last November, I gave up taking her to the nearby school because of the shortening day.

With the coming of spring, it was bright enough till 615pm and last Wednesday, I thought its time she got back to school to burn off her energy. Maybe get her to be more respectful to my cues as I am still the power behind her throne whether she likes it or not.  After her ceremonial squark of protest, her harness was on and the line clipped, we walked the 5 minutes to that nearby school with her on my shoulder.  She seemed so happy about it after a good 3 months absence.  Her wings hung loose as in readiness to takeoff and she was looking here and there as to retake the familiar sights while loudly arghing into my poor ear.

In the school, I placed her on the gate at about shoulder level, gave her a couple of treats and talked to her.  Moving back two meters, she came to me immediately on cue.  I changed to yet another position placing her at knee level.  Again at the two meter mark, she came to me at cue for a couple more times.

Going into the school, I found yet another quadrangle which was sealed off before because of construction and renovations.  This is the about the same size as the one I used before but with grass and a sunken open amphitheatre surrounded by 5 storey buildings.  Seating ourselves on a low seat for a couple of minutes for Tink to adjust, I then walked off playing out the line behind me to ten meters away.  At the cue, she powered her way to me immediately to get her head rubs and treats.  Changing the position and after a few minutes, I walked off such that the sunken amphitheatre was between me and her and 20 meters away.  I then spoke nice things to her for a while and gave her the recall cue.  Her response was breathtaking with her flying to me, dipping low in the sunken area before coming up and touching down on my shoulder.  As it was getting dark, we headed back to home.  Normally, I will take off her harness once back indoor, let her be and get a drink and watch a bit of news.

Instead, immediately after her harness was off, I brought her through the routines that she had defiantly interpreted in her perverse   way.  To my surprise, she went through all the recalls and go-to clockwork perfect.  Fly to cage got her to her cage and fly to perch got her to perch and fly to ring got her to ring and recalls got her to me without argument or hesitation.  After ten minutes, she got jackpot when I ended it all on a good note.

On Thursday evening after I got back from work and with the success from the day before in my mind, we went back to school.  It went well for those introductory short recalls.  At the quad, I place Tink to move 15 meters away on the grass.  She waited till I gave the cue to wing her way towards me.  I then saw her turn her head slightly.  When she was couple of meters from me, she flared her wings to overshoot me and turned 90 degree while still continued to climb. She perched on the 3rd floor balustrade to tell me what a beautiful view it was from there with her ‘arghs’ and ‘sqquarwks’.

After the power boost I had the day before, I was not going to demean myself to beg her to come to me.  Secretly, I was very happy with her asserting herself as I felt the clockwork display she gave me the day before  was too unnatural and I was actually slightly worried why she was so nice.  She indicated she was still a creature of free will.  I was happy that while she did not come to me on recall, she did not indicate that she wanted me out of her sight either.  Perhaps if she did not have the harness, she may hang around within sight of me too.  Not that I will put that to the test, but it was very nice feeling that independent as she was, we did have that bond between us.

While keeping an eye on her, I called my wife over to me to chat so my voice will carry over to Tink while seemingly ignoring her.  My refusal to call Tink must  have bewildered her.  When it became obvious to her she was not getting noticed despite her calls, she took off and flew towards us.  She returned my snub by heading to Joy and circled my wife  a meter above her head.  Tink then headed back and flew up to the 4th floor balustrade where she stayed for a while and called to me.

I would have laughed but it was getting darker.  I walked a bit towards her and cued her recall. 

She responded but in a way I never seen.

Instead of a fast hard dive at me from that height that I expected, she then showed me yet another flying stunt from that steep angle.  Tink opened her wings and dropped down.  Bleeding air between her feathers, she lost height and landed ever so softly on my shoulder.  It wasn’t a glide and more a directed soft fall from way up there  to nibble my ear before accepting her treat.

We walked back home where once again, I put her through the routine after removing her harness.  Everthing were performed as cued.  I ended it resisting the temptation to try to induce her on her flyabout at home which she never did do properly for me.  Best to end on a good note.

On Friday afternoon, Joy and I took off for the Chipeng hotspring.  Fear of avian flu and the new train travel restrictions meant Tink must stay behind at home in her cage until we came back on Sunday evening.  On release, Tink did not want to leave my side.  She must be in everything I do.  When I left the living room to get a drink, she would fly to my shoulder to get a ride into the kitchen.  Everywhere I go, to wash my hands, to go to the loo, Tink must be with me.  Attempts to get into Internet in the PC room was frustrated by Tink whenever I left the living room.  She did not mind my watching TV or doing other stuff  and would fly and entertain herself periodically landing on me to preen herself.  When I get to the PC room, she flew over, scream at me, bite the mouse, get on my finger so she can twist herself upside down and make hell for me until I walked away from the PC with her twisting her claws into my finger still hanging upside down.

Even when it was time for her to sleep, she periodically came out of her snooze corner to hunt for me.  Quite unnatural as the apartment was kept semi dark to induce her to sleep.  Yet she would fly out to look for me to see if I am around.  Yes!  I felt so bad at having to leave her behind.

Monday evening after work yesterday saw us at the school again.

Hardly got any training done.  She refused to stay put and flew to me the moment I moved more than 4-5 meters away from her.  I wondered if she truly missed me that much or she getting back her pound of flesh by making me   feel so bad and quilty.  Regardless which area I changed to, she refused to let me go too far away before zooming to me.

After the school, we walked over to a restaurant where Tink joined us in our dinner.  So I cannot relate how she did at home as my laziness together with a good dinner got the better of me.  Her harness was removed, her mash heated up and served, and she was left just to be herself
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This continued on in "Tinkerbell Gyro drop"