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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Thu Nov 13, 2003  4:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Hoping to cue for 'flyabout'


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> Hello Shanlung,
> > Tink has gone on her own uncued flyabouts on harness.
> > On at least two
> > occasions, she came to my recall cue breaking off from
> > her flyabout.
> > Man! do I feel so good over that! But to get my
> > priority right,
> > I need to work on cueing her for that flyabout before
> > I work
> > on recalling her from flyabouts.
> I don't understand your reasoning behind needing to train the flyabout to be
> on cue before you train the recall. To me it is the other way around. This
> is a chained behavior - you are asking the bird to take flight, then to
> circle back, and to finally land on your arm. In most chained behaviors it
> is best to train the LAST behavior in the chain FIRST. Then train the next
> to last behavior, and so on until finally reaching the beginning behavior of
> the chain as the last behavior you train. A fly about that ends on you is
> nothing different than any other except you are asking for a specific
> landing site that is on you. Once the bird has good flight skills (can
> maneuver and land, etc) then start teaching it to land on a specific
> location, maybe a perch or a cage top. Reinforce it for correct responses
> and then work to put this behavior on cue. Then work to generalize the
> behavior of on cue landings on specified perches. Next you start
> establishing your arm as one of those authorized landing perches with its
> own cue. Now when the bird is in flight, try offering the cue for it to land
> on your arm - sounding like recall training, heh? Try initiating cued
> flights (cue may be only rolling of hand or gentle toss) and then ask the
> bird to land on your arm, reinforcing appropriately when it does. There you
> go, boomerang flyabouts on cue.

Hi Chris,

You have been away from the list for some time and
perhaps you missed some of my postings.

It was standard practice everyday at home to cue Tink
to fly to various designated perches and recall from
those perches. Recall cues have also been given sight
unseen with me in another room requiring Tink to
navigate twisty passages to me. Why I used the past
tense is because I added the ‘flyflyfly’ cue to try to
capture that flyabout .

It was also standard practice when I get back from
work to bring Tink on harness to a nearby school to
recall flights of a distance greater than possible in
the apartmet. Unfortunately, with the shortening of
day, it is too dark when I get home and I have not
done that for a couple of weeks now and not likely
till spring.

will lead you to photos of Tink doing her recalls at
the school and on one such trips up a nearby mountain.

The email describing this is titled “Tinkerbell flying
with harness” msg #19551 at your freeflight list.

I have been taking her out every weekends to go
various places to be with her, to expose her to
different places and to different people under
different conditions, and most of all, to let her fly.

I placed her at takeoff points and do the recalls.
Those points are too many and too varied for me to try
to ‘name’ for her to go to. To avoid line
entanglement, I walked to place her there before
walking back to do recalls.

I think I do have her recalls wired pretty well into
her now even if not perfect.

For the boomerang flights, I am trying to fix her
currently self disposed flyabout into a cueable
flyabout that I can then coupled with recall.

This flyabout is really more for her happiness and
for her sake. She will always call ‘argh argh argh’
during her flyabouts and , will give that call of
happiness much less often in her recall flights.

When she is inclined to, her recalls to me are
perfect. Much as I think she enjoys those longer
recall flights to me, now that I have a lot more
confidence in the harness and line, I want for her to
do even longer periods of prolonged flights, for her
own enjoyment.

I remembered the flights I had with her in the huge
office space about a year ago. After she gained her
confidence, she did lots of flyabouts calling out in
happiness as she did so. On a recall to me then, she
came and instead of landing on me, circled high above
and called out to me that I interpreted was to get me
to run. When I ran crying out myself , she flew past
me in wider circle on her flyabout looping distant
columns with us making hell of a lot of shouts and
cries and landed on me.

In this respect, and as the flyabout is for her
pleasure , I do not mind if she does not boomerang
back to me. As I have said in earlier letter, I will
be more than happy to run with her allowing the line
to play out as she flies.

If she knows that I encourage and will give cues for
flyabouts in settings with minimum risks of
entanglement such as in a clear field or meadow, she
may be less likely to do that on her own where it may
be riskier.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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