From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Wed Oct 15, 2003  11:59 pm
Subject:  Photos of Tinkerbell flying with harness


Tink harness flying

Folks, you are all welcome to the URL above for photos
of Tinkerbell, her latest harness arrangements, the
flying done in the school nearby, the perch
arrangement on the motorbike and the flying that she
did with us on the last weekend at Alishan and Jade

I can only give a brief description here to try to
describe what you are going to see.

The first photo is the one I used in Tinkerbell's
webpage. The harness body strap (BS) was the earlier
style with bowline at both ends. This was taken in one
of the Chiayi city park with Chinese pavilion in the

Then three weeks ago, Tinkerbell finally penetrated
the secret of undoing the bowline. I changed the knot
to double figure of eight loops at both ends. To
make doubly safe, I whipped the ends of the line with
50kg fishing line that Tink must undo to get to undo
the knot itself.

The chest leash attachment is threaded through which
is fast and easy thus forcing the loop to lock against
the chest. If the leash break off, and Tink fly off,
this leash arrangment offers Tink a chance to undo her
harness herself.

The next 3 photos show firstly, how it looks like if
not tightened. The next photo shows it when
tightened. The next shows the harness with the chest
leash attachment (to the point with the black swivel
pin joints. After initially experimenting with paper
clips, I now use fishing line clips.

The next sequence of shots were taken in the nearby
school. I now always start with a easy recall from
4-5 feet after making sure that Tink is at ease by
testing her with sunflower seeds as treats. I then go
to longer and longer distances. I never do more than
2 recalls from any one position as after 3 recalls
from the same place, Tink indicated her unhappiness.

Some shots were taken in the school quadrangle with 5
storey blocks around us. Tink sometimes like to see
the view from higher up ignoring her recalls until she
felt like coming back to me. She then may fly in
circle around me (captured in photo) and land back on
me. If you cannot see her, follow the white line and
that speck in grey is Tink!

The next sequence of shots show Tink riding with me on
my bike with the foothills and mountains of Alishan in
the background. There is a closeup shot with me
holding the leash attachemt to the motorbike. That
allows her a fair bit of movement and prevent spook
from becoming fatal and that she can remain on the
perch. The towel is to keep my bags clean. You can
see her carrier cage in case it gets too cold or if it
rains or if she tells me she want to get off the

We were then in this meadow like setting with cosmos
flowers (if wrong, blame my wife as she told me) and
mountains in the background. Tinkerbell goes through
her various recalls to cheers and claps of delighted

The last sequence of shots were taken at Tatajia at
Jade mountain. It is a pity the sequence of her
turning 180 degree in mid air to land above my

I hope you enjoy these shots.

I had to get them off to you folks now.

This coming friday-sunday, we will be taking a train
to TaiTung on the Eastern side of Taiwan. I then will
rent a car to take us up the coastal road to that
incredible Taroko Gorge. This time, Tinkerbell will
be coming with us unlike the last time.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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