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Mon Oct 4, 2004  12:32 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing

Hi folks,

KuanTzeLing is a place about an hour away by bike from
Chiayi. The route there is also a delight. There are
many lotus farms and their ponds of lotus as you near
KTL. During summer and late summer, the lotus will be
in bloom with their enchanting shades of pink and

We went there over the 13 and 14 of Sep 2004, or
Monday and Tuesday. The original plan was to be there
for 3 days but I will get to that later.
Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing shanlung's Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing photoset
Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing shanlung's Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing photoset

KTL is a mountainous district raising up above the
padi fields and lotus ponds. KTL has this series of
hotsprings with hot muddy water flowing out that is
channeled into hotspring resorts. There is also a
mysterious grotto with eternal flames from natural gas
combined with water flowing out. With such primordial
elements together, it is not surprising that big
temples sprung up and dotted the mountain sides.

Being autumn, I did not photo the lotus ponds to show
you the dead and dying leaves and dried up mud. But
then, the MangChow blooms at the foot of KTL can be
beautiful as seen in the first few shots.

Tinkerbell - KuanTzeLing

The temples have their own parks attached. Since they
are on side of this mountain with changes of
elevations, one of such park has this delightful
wooden stairways
linking the park with the temple.

Tink was flown here but unfortunately, the line kept
getting caught and snagging around the decorative
balustrades. You see my arm automatically straighten
to give poor Tink more line. I snagged on one and
when I took care of that, got snagged on the next one
as the sequences will show.

Then some shots at that fire grotto.

We liked hotsprings especially in cooler weather. We
would soak a while, then get out to cool down while
reading a book or magazine. The surroundings of the
hotsprings can be idyllic and beautiful places to
relax in. Thinking how wonderful it would be to relax
there with Tinkerbell, we originally wanted to stay 2

Checking in the hotspring hotel, I got Tinkerbell
harnessed up and she was eager to leave the room to go
to the spa/hotspring area. The attendants were
fascinated by Tink especially when I did some recalls
with her. I should have just walked in. The shock of
seeing Tink normally leave
people speechless allowing

us to get in. Then when they recovered, we were
already in and they gracefully accept the fait

I made a mistake of asking if I could take Tink in and
was told regretfully by the same attendant that I
could not. With a heavy heart I took Tink back into
the room, took off her harness to her great protest
and shut her in the bathroom with her screaming away.
I thought of ChiPeng hotspring, another beautiful
place, which so warmly accepted Tinkerbell being with
me. (Which is why on the 3 Oct, we will be going to
CP and be back in Chiayi on the 5. If I do not respond
to your emails to me publicly or privately, try not to
be too annoyed. I do want to but do not have the

The former appeal of this place I being to before (but
without Tink that time) faded. We went in like
zombies thinking of poor Tink. In that circumstances,
we could not enjoy ourselves with our conscience
gnawing away at us. After an hour, my wife left to go
back to the room. In a short while, so did I, feeling
guilty and bad about it.

I went back to have Her Grace immediately flying to my
shoulder. She then flew off and landed on the other
shoulder. I then saw two small poop, one on each
shoulder. I felt so happy with the poop on me. As if
Tink felt obliged to chastise me in order to cheer me
up and let me know I was forgiven.

Joy laughed and told me Tink did one on her 30 minutes

You folks understand that we refused to stay there
another night and checked out early next day.

Next day on the way down, we saw this big temple
called "DaSienTse" or
Big Immortal Temple. Despite
its size, the temple was a beautiful place. The
photos may give you a better picture.

Tinkerbell - KuanTzeLing

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Mon Oct 4, 2004  12:40 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell -KuangTzeLing - Joy earlier photos

Hi folks,

You can have an idea how the hotspring looks like from
some of the earlier photos from Joy at

Hot spring - KZL + Outside Chiayi

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG, daughter and love of my heart
Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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