From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Wed Oct 13, 2004  3:10 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell - 2nd last page of final chapter

Hi folks,

Today, 12th Oct, is a better day. But then, the day
before was so bad that the only way that can change is
for the better. I am still in that 7-11 clone next to
the hotel while Joy is in the hotel with her laptop
plugged into the Internet there. She downloaded shots
of us from the last 2 days and today that you would
recognised from my last couple of emails and this
email. All of you are invited to

Again I am thankful for the well wishes, support,
thoughts and hugs from all of you even if I cannot
write personally to all. You all help in no small way
in this present difficult situation. More important,
I think the tide had turned and Tinkerbell seemed
happier. And that of course, gave me, and I can
imagine all of you too, much relief as well.

I am sorry for the pain I must have caused by the
outpouring of yesterday. If I waited until now to
write without the rawness of the moment, I would have
caused less of the roller coaster ride to you folks.

The morning did not start that well. Mr Yu was back
and his phone call to me got my anxiety level up
again. After final handover of apartment to the
landlord, we first rushed to see Yu in his little
factory making aluminium castings and then to his home
nearby. He was very concerned with Tink's quietness
,lack of appetite and aloofness unlike former times
when she stayed over in his place.

In his apartment, I was happy that they did not stack
back the bags of Tinkerbell's stuff on her cage which
I had to clear yesterday night before I got her back
into the cage. She had traces of mash on her beak
indicating that at least she was eating some of that.
I told him correct diet is not important at this
stage. If Tink wanted only sunflower seeds or
whatever, so be it for the next couple of weeks until
she gotten over the transition. With all those
thoughts on her behalf, Tink was still annoyed at me
and she flew off to the basker on top of cupboard when
I released her from her cage. It was a while before
she accepted my toadying to bob her head and flew down
to me.

The baskets on top of tall cupboards were rearranged
to allow her more alternate perches. Yu's formation
of Tink's bedroom was wrong and I reorganised the
setup creating the space that she liked. After
tentative refusal, I was so happy that she went in to
check, came out to bob her head at me before she went
back in to further refine her bedroom to her liking.
The newspaper was then deployed to give her privacy.
I was to take her out, but could I make myself remove
her when she was scratching the books inside to pieces
with periodic happy bumping sounds. So we had lunch
there to give her more time. I was rewarded in a few
minutes with her flying to my shoulder demanding her
share of my lunch. I resumed my lackeyship to wait on
Her Grace. She then flew to the top of her bedroom and
showed difficulty in trying to climb down into her
bedroom and she looked intently at me. A well trained
lackey always know how to act and I added Joy's black
Tshirt allowing her to jaw and claw her way into her

Taking advantage of her happy look at me, I waved the
red harness to her and told her we are all going for a
ride. She flew to her basket now in the usual place
on top of her cage for her harnessing. I was so happy
to be back on the road again with her in front and
wifey behind.

She called and vocalised as we made our way slowly,
dropping by at various local shops to say my goodbyes
to them together with photos taken of them by Joy. It
was a great feeling to have her climbing up and down
from the bike to resume her vandalising of my long
suffering shirt. After breaking off the last button,
she turned to my ciggie pack to steal a few more
bites. We revisited our favourite spots around the
LangTang reservoir. She decided my nails grew too long
in the last two days without her grooming and worked
on them. I was happy, and even if she bit me to the
quick, I might scream and after that, be happy again
even if still in pain.

We then continued to the nearby and larger RenYi
reservoir. The wind had build up and many others were
there flying kites. You can see the line was blown
parallel to the ground in one of the photo. Tink came
to me on cue before we just sat around to enjoy the
warmth of those moments.

We then went back slowly dropping by at other places
where the people there loved Tinkerbell who either
have a Grey or indicated they may want to get one too.
I left with them Joy's translation into Chinese of the
care and training their fid will need together with
the Chinese description of mash making with our
goodbyes to them. Hopefully, Tinkerbell's education of
me may leave a lasting legacy for a few other fids
here in

Back at Yu's house, I showed him how to bath
Tinkerbell explaing how the bath also helps her to
cleanse her sinus as well as the importance to her
feathers. Although totally wet, she flew from perch to
perch to dry herself.

We then rode off to dinner with the Shi's and the Wu's
and other local friends. The happiness the Shi's and
Wu's expressed of HT the Bim and Zorro and their
antics told me how well they integrated into their
families and I felt so glad for all of them. Tink was
happily eating away attended to by her lackey and
apprentice lackey.

After that dinner, Tinkerbell was placed into her
carrier cage to go back with Yu and we rode on back to
the hotel. Which brought me to me at this keyboard
making this report back to you.
We still have one more

day with Tinkerbell on the 13th Oct.

I am so glad I build in this transition period with
Tinkerbell. No matter how much I talked with Yu
before, too many details that I took for granted were
missed out and had to be rectified so that Tinkerbell
can have a better and more comfortable stay with them
until I can get her back.

I think Joy and I needed this transition period as
much if not more than Tinkerbell. We had our
wonderful and beautiful times together and that will
always be part of all of us, and of you folks who have
been following us. The happiness of having her and
being with her is worth the horrendous pain that I
have gotten from her, provided she remained happy.

In the words of Lord Byron "Let us have women, wine,
mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG, daughter and love of my heart
Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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