From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Mon Sep 27, 2004  1:17 am
Subject:  Tinkerbell - Come here, Give daddy!

Hi folks,

First I got to say that my meeting with furry ones had
been postponed from Sat to Monday evening, or I would
have been writing about them already.

While I got a few more half finished accounts to
finish and others already in the germination stage,
events of today bumped them out of the way. I even
got Her Grace to sleep earlier tonight as otherwise, I
would not be writting this now.

I planned a rather simple day which in due time would
appear as part of her chronicles. Today on Sunday, I
was going to the Tropic of Cancer park to have some
shots of her criss crossing the Tropic of Cancer with
the background of various markers of TOC erected at
different times in the last hundred years. The
biggest and most hideous is the one most recently

Then we were to continue on to this JenWeng dam which
was bone dry with a vast grassland last year during
the drought and which I thought will be brimful with
water this time with all the rains.

Both did not happen. What happened after was rather
mundane. But what came after that after, just 5
minutes or so were so delightful that this elbowed its
way to the front.

The Tropic of Cancer park was closed due to
refurbishing with construction site fence surround all
of it except the newest montrosity towering over the
fence that I refused to take a picture of.

We then decided to stop by this 7-11 to have coffee
and to have a couple of shots, Her Grace in her purple
harness and me in a matching purple T shirt.

Tinkerbell - Give daddy

I know I wrote just a couple of days ago on Tsaoling
and the oath I made about not taking shortcuts. But
that oath was made 2 months ago. I forgot that oath
today. To a longish ride (that I halftruthed my wife
into joining), I tried to take a shortcut. After 45
frustrating minutes, I managed to ride on the right
road. Than a sudden spell of wisdom which turned
otherwise in retrospect, I added another tiring 25
minutes too embarassing to detailed here.

Then I passed several perfectly ok petrol station I
dained to stop becos they were on the other side of
the road. After entering a stretch of road with
sparser and sparser dwelling with 35 km more to go, I
finally stopped, asked, and was told there aint
anymore petrol station for the next 50 km on whichever
side of the road.

I felt those omens did not augur well. Turning to go
back to top up with petrol or going back home was so
depressing that I thought we pop back to this NanYuan
park we caught sight of a while ago and use that visit
as a consolation.

That was an interesting park and there are some
interesting sequence shots made there for you folks.

Then we headed back. I saw another 7-11 store and as
this had some tables and benches in a little park
attached, thought we would have a coffee break before
heading back.

While I idlely twiddled a bottle drink cap, Her Grace
snatched it from me. Normally she refused to give it
back. Normally I shout at her "drop it" which she
seemed to take as cue to pull it further away from me.
If at home, she would fly away, and kept flying away
just making herself barely out of reach as I chased
her to retrieve it, taking huge delight until she gave
it up in the end.

I asked her "give daddy". To my surprise, she opened
her beak and drop it into my hand. I had not my
clicker handy or I would have used that to cement her.
I said 'good girl' and treated her that she
recognised as equivalent to clicker which I used in
her recalls (after using clicker to start and
subsequently fade off). After a while, she picked
that up again and on "give daddy", she gave that up
without struggle.

Something lit in my head. I positioned her away, put
that cap there and cued "come here, give daddy". She
took that up, holding it in her beak, and flew over to
me with it. Something I was thinking off for a long
time procrastinating myself all the way finally took
place by that 7-11. To be fair, realising I have so
little time left with her, I was reluctant to start on
any new training. I prefered to spend it on headrubs
or play with her on the swing and just being with her.
But she seemed to know what I wanted.

You see two separate sequence of her flying to me with
that cap. I hardly believed in it and was nicely
surprised when she did as cued.

The third sequence was a dead cigarette butt, that
being handy. Tinkerbell chewed into my ciggarette
boxes so often biting my new ciggies to pieces that it
wasn't funny. The last 4 trips we went out on the
bike, she stole from my pocket, stole from my
backpack. unzipped my kangaroo pouch and bite and
chewed on 5 cigarette boxes in that 4 trips.

Being all excited to look around for sutiable objects,
I used a dead butt. That is why in the last sequence
had her flying to me with that butt. Except instead
of giving to me, we fought as I prised it out of her
mouth. Please do not flame me for being stupid and
using a butt. Lord, I know I am stupid enough for
starting smoking in the first place, but that Old Nic
is a damn hard guy to get off your back!

The last two sequences show how that 7-11 rest area is
like, which include an aircond place to eat or drink
what you bought. In case you happen to past that
stretch of road 10 km south of Chiayi, you know what
to expect of a coffee break at that 7-11.

Tinkerbell - Give daddy

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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