Dated 31 May 2004

Tinkerbell in Kenting



Tinkerbell in Kenting


The last Friday morning on the 21 May 2004, I took the day off so we all could have a longer weekend.   Tinkerbell joined us perched on her traveling basket as we drove down to Kenting, the Southern most tip of Taiwan.
Tinkerbell in KenTing shanlung's Tinkerbell in KenTing photoset


After a week of perfect weather of blue sky with little picturebook white fluffy clouds, that Friday began with overcast sky and dark thunderclouds stretching from horizon to horizon courtesy of two typhoons skirting to the East of Taiwan.


In Kenting, we tried our luck to stay at the Kenting Youth Center.  Some of the best places in Taiwan have the weirdest and most put-off names.  This is a mid level hotel and a most beautiful place that I tried to stay about 4 times before in the past.  It is build in the form of an ancient Chinese village and almost a time capsule from a few hundred years ago. You almost can feel swordsman and crouching tigers and leaping dragons around every corner.


Bookings need to be made a couple of months ahead.


With the threat of typhoons and dark clouds, there were cancellations and this time, we were lucky to get a room there over the weekend.


There are many sequential shots, culled to fit into the webshot folder.


Tinkerbell in Kenting


The flights of Tinkerbell  were much more difficult than it looked.  There were so much cross winds and gust from a force 5 to force 9.


One shot in particular was at a cliff edge.  You can see Tink aiming herself at my body below my collarbone before she made her way up to my shoulder rather than to try to land on my shoulder.


Another interesting sequence was one where you can see Tink flying to my  right before turning upwards and then turning around to land facing the direction she came from.
Tinkerbell in KenTing shanlung's Tinkerbell in KenTing photoset

I think you like the backdrops where the sequence shots were taken, across courtyards, through moon gates and little streets and lanes in the place that we stayed.


During the evening, we walked around in the bustling night market along the streets of this seaside town.  I was wearing my snake Tshirt with this bright green very real looking green tree boa and Tinkerbell on my shoulder. 


Most people first caught sight of the snake.  At least a dozen were spooked and thought the snake was real.  To their relief, they then realized it was part of the T shirt and concluded that Tinkerbell was like the snake and unreal.  I walked away with their arguments with friends  in my ear “ No!  That parrot is not real”, ”NO NO NO!  that is a real live parrot!”.


With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogatee daughter

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