From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Mon Sep 27, 2004  12:20 am
Subject:  Re: Tinkerbell - MangChow - Dennis and Wendy


To Dennis and Wendy Dreyer,

Anyone keeping fids and especially greys, cannot be
but romantic at heart whether they want to admit it or
not. Or slightly isane, maybe more of the latter.

I do not profess to be a botanist, but in those 2
sequence of photos, by the river and channel, and
those at the end, used the same kind of grass. In the
first sequences, the grass were some distance away,
separated by a wide river and much lower down as we
were on top of an embankment. You can roughly gauge
the height we were above the side of the river by shot
of houses of the other side. The adamant refusal of
my wife to climb down and wade across made those
clumps of grass looked small by comparison only as
when we were right up next to them in later sequences.
I should have extended clicker training to Joy to make
her more agreeable. Any visual differences came from
different maturity of bloom and light angle, in
addition to that difference of distance and height
above them.

I regreted making more of effort to Tink than
necessary. I had my finger holding the reel when I
realised Tink was snagged. I released it to let it
spin out as she powered her way to me. That reel
really whirled. If there were connection joints or
splices the line would surely snag.

In other cases, I cringed not knowing to hold or to
pray as to whether her overflight will return to me
with beauty or her overflight continues to end of
line. In this case, I knew she was coming at me.
Even so, I was worried if she was irritated enough at
me to give me a poop when she landed. She did not
this time. At other times in extreme irritation at me,
she circled tree to spite me and flew back to shit on
me and the long line allowed it.

I should be more careful if I wanted to keep my age a
secret. Our experiences subconsciously reveal our age
when we mentioned producers of long ago films like
Kubrick. All the good ones are slightly mad. I do
urge folks who had never watched chinese martial arts
movie before like you to watch 'Touch of Zen' by
KingHu. He is mad enough to make hauntingly beautiful
moves that defies classification, so you can classify
his show into whatever category you like to watch that
without tinge of conscience.

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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