From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Tue Sep 28, 2004  10:02 pm
Subject:  Tinkerbell - Reunion

Hi folks,
Tinkerbell - Reunion

On Sunday, there was this abortive trip we tried to
make to TsengWeng dam. Monday 27 Sept being a
bridging holiday to the main holiday of ChongQiuJia
(mid Autumn festival), I decided to try yet again the
trip to the dam. Tinkerbell wore the old familiar
green harness, kind of chewed up but still very

After a local breakfast, we set off again vowing not
to try short cuts.

With the breaks for coffee stop, cold dessert stop,
retrieval of cigarettes from Tink's jaw stop, and
lunch stop, we took about 3 hours to reach the dam.

That was a rather massive dam set in a steep valley.
Beautiful place to be and perhaps photos should be
taken of that place. But the air wasn't that clear
and we were running short of time when we reached
there. It was also too difficult to frame the shots.
And we need to be back again in Chiayi for a BBQ
dinner at the Shi's home.

As such, the first part of photos in the Webshot
folders consist largely of Tinkerbell on the bike in
her various poses. She can readily make her way from
the perch to the backpack. You expect that in fast
speed and strong winds, she would make her way lower
down and in lower speed, she would stay on the perch.

That was not the case. Instead she stayed down out of
the wind when I go slowly and in faster speed with
stiff winds, she liked to go on top. Now and then,
she unzipped the back pocket to dig into and chew my
ciggies. To my stopping and scolding of her, she
would scream back at me for spoiling her pleasure.

ChongQiuJia is a religious kind of festival, In
ancient times, it is a kind of harvest festival
thanking the Gods for the success of harvest and
worshipping of the Moon as iconic symbol. But the eve
of the CQJ is where family and friends make merry with
food and drinks.

In Chiayi, it seemed every other home had a BBQ going
on in the front as we made our way to Shi's house
which is home to Zorro.

Wu brought along Halftail the Bimbo to make it a big
reunion for us. I could not keep the happiness from
my face as I hold and hugged the furry ones. And yes,
I know I make a very lousy poker player. The actual
seeing of them being loved by both the families they
are with 3 weeks later quelled any remaining doubts of
their future happiness.
Tinkerbell - Reunion

With warmest regards

Shanlung - lackey to all below
Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

Halftail the Bimbo - beautiful sweet silly cat
Zorro - ferret which loves parrot pellets
Bim and Zor are with other loving families now
I will remember them for the happy times they gave me

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