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From:  shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Thu Nov 13, 2003
Tinkerbell at SanLinSee

Hi   folks!

I   am back with more photos of Tinkerbell that I hope
you   will enjoy.


But   first, let me explain from the beginning. When I
was   in Taroko a couple of weeks ago, I had with me
this   camera tripod that I have been lugging around
since   that trip in Australia that I never got to use.
I   thought Taroko will be a nice place to finally
initiate   that camera tripod of mine. After mounting
the   camera on it, I pointed the remote controller at
it   and pressed but nothing happened. So I thought it
must   have been the battery. The battery in the remote
control   was changed and yet, the camera refused to
take   our pictures. I vaguely remembered the Olympus
semi   SLR digital (RS-100) had some buttons that needed
to   be pushed for the remote controller to be used.
After   pressing and pressing buttons and switches with
no   results, I told myself maybe reading the manual may
be   useful.

When   we got back and the manual finally hunted down, I
realized   how educational manuals are after 6-7 reads.
I   found out which button should be pushed and the
number   of times it got to be pushed too, not easy to
discover   on your own with your wife sniggering and
making   snide remarks in the field.

What?s   even more important than that silly remote
control   feature is that the camera can and does rapid
multiple   shots that I never knew about in the two
years   of owning the camera. Well, well well, maybe if
I   read more, the camera may even sing and dance for

Back   to this SanLinSee place that I hired a car to go
to.   This is actually written as Sun Link Sea in
English   here in Taiwan. Which made it sound like a
tacky   amusement park that I can do without with which
was   why while I went to the nearby Hsitou about 5
times,   I never bother to go the extra 30 km to
SanLinSee   until my new mountain hiking colleague told
me   who wrong I was. What can I say? Judging book by

After   a whole week of clear sky , the weekend was
almost   predictable with clouded over sky. We drove up
higher   and higher in drifting clouds with visibility
of   5 ?20 meters. But at times, the cloud broke to
reveal   awesome sceneries making me vow to return

We   eventually reached SanLinSee at its elevation of
1700m.   After checking in, we walked around with
Tinkerbell   on my shoulder. I used only the reel of
60kg   0.6mm black braided fishing line without the
holder   release. I still could not get Tinkerbell at
home   to go on her flyabout as cued and I wanted to
limit   her flights to simple recalls.


In   the webshot folder in the URL, the first three
photos   are on my third alarm clock in the sleeping
nook   that she love. I particularly like the 3rd shot
as   that showed her beautiful translucent wings. I shot
her   just as she decided to come to me.

After   all the efforts in reading camera manuals to
activate   the remote controller, the least I can do is
to   shot a couple of shots of the three of us.

You   then see a sequence of shots on what you think is
the   same scenery. My camera is set on multiple shots
and   taking Tink as she went through her recall to me.
If   your browser speed is fast enough and you cycle
through   the photo sequence quickly, you get a slow
motion   of her in flight. Otherwise, maybe you can
download   those shots on your PC and use your photo
browser   (my favourite is ACDSee which I think is the
best   jpg viewer) to cycle them faster. The two modes
of   landing that I described in one of my earlier
emails   can be clearly seen. The second sequence of
shots   show her doing a 180 degree turn in flight to
land   on my shoulder facing back the way she came from.

With   the sky clouded over that afternoon, the light
was   less than perfect. You also cannot see the line
attached   to her, but believe me, it is there!

The   next morning saw beautiful weather with the sky so
blue   that it hurt.

The   sun was good and the camera speed much faster
allowing   better shots of Tinkerbell in flight.

Then   more and more people came and Tinkerbell refused
to   do her flights and refused to take treats from me.
I   obliged her and joined the other people in walking
and   checking out the scenery. Since I am allowed 60
photos   for this folder, I added another sequence of
photos   from the afternoon before.

I   also found a good use for the tripod. When Tink is
happy,   she will give a happy call sounding like a
metallic   TIONG! Not a nice sound to have next to
your   ear. Since I was already carrying the tripod on
the   shoulder, placing Tink on that tripod allowed my
ears   to take a break from her happiness.

Two   hours were all we had before the clouds came
rolling   back in and time for us to drive back home.

With   warmest regards

Joy   - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG &amp; surrogate daughter

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