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From:   shan lung <shanlung9@y...>
Date:  Sun Oct 26, 2003  
Subject:  Tinkerbell at Taroko Gorge

Guys,   I am back again as I have been threatening in
the   last few posts.

What   a wonderful day this Sunday which is begging me
to   take Tink out for a bike ride.

My   wife just left early this morning at 5am to USA.
It   was a deliciously wicked feeling inside to wake up
before   Tink and switching on all the lights to wake
Tink   up this time.

Tinkerbell   at Taroko Gorge

Last   friday, we took the train to TaiTung on the East
Coast   of Taiwan to rent a car to continue on to Taroko
Gorge.   Above is the url to that album.

The   East Coast from Taitung to Hualien is fabulous and
that   part of the journey became part of the
destination   too.

You   have seen Tink on the motorbike perch the last
round.   For the car, I use her regular basket with a
line   at the bottom of the handle. A paper clip is
used   to run along the line and which hold the upper
leash.   The first couple of photo shows that clearly I
hope.   I made some modifications to the leash. Two
smaller   loops of that 120 kg fishing line were added
to   make it easier for me to thread that body strap
double   figure of eight knot through. Also added
insurance   in case the upper leash cut through the
green   neck loop.

This   allow Tink to enjoy the view and prevent her from
making   too much of a nuisance when I drive. She look
out   so intently alternating from one side to the other
side   and straight ahead. What I will give to know
what   is in her mind.

All   traffic was stopped for some reason and we got to
wait   30 minutes. The paper clip was undone to allow
Tink   to get out to oggle the boys while I oggle the
girls.   My wife kept her eyes on the both of us.

Look   at my wonderful new T shirt that I liked so much.

That   stop was next to the beach. Winds were at force
4   with gust to force 7. I used to sail and windsurf
heck   of a lot and I do know my winds. Tink was taken
out   as she never flown in strong winds before. She
was   put through her paces with winds from the back,
from   the front and cross winds than I can take photos

The   sequence of shots after the evening shot with
flash   were all taken in Taroko Gorge. The gorge is
much   much more beautiful than is evident in my photos.
Go   to my webshot other albums to check out the photos
taken   at earlier trips, especially the series Taroko
Music   Festival.

Note   I got a towel on my shoulder now. Tink thought
my   T shirt was so fascinating and the scales of the
snake   so real that she took a few of them off
including   the T shirt it was on. ARGHHHH!!!

Two   shots were taken at the opening of the gorge.

We   then were at this enchanting place with the temple
of   Eternal Spring hugging the side of the mountains
with   a stream running though that temple.

We   went down to the river bed to do more recalls. The
temple   of Eternal Spring was to the memories of the
hundreds   who died building this incredible road
through   the gorge that connect to the West side of

Roads   and passage ways are like worm holes gnawed
through   granite and marble rocks. We then went to the
temple   to take more shots.

You   see me leaving a lighted ciggarette on the altar.
I   was not showing disrespect, I was honoring the
memories   of those that died. It is traditional that
lighted   cigges be left on that altar. It seems in
those   days, everyone smokes and they want to enjoy
ciggies   even in their afterlife.

We   then came to another point where I love to stop.
This   time with Tink as well. Two photos were taken of
a   long flight. The beginning when you can see Tink in
a   horizontal flight at speed and ended with her aerial
braking   very clearly.

The   wind was strong and gusty which I felt to be very
good   for Tink.

Other   Taiwanese guys watching were in love with her
and   she consented to join them for photo before Tink
decided   enough and was shot flying back to me.

You   then see two shots made near the river. The
second   shot captured the point when Tink was turning
around   on the fly just before landing on my shoulder
to   face the direction she came from.

There   is one major event not captured in this series.

We   went to the hanging valley featured in my Taroko
Gorge   Music Festival - the Music. There was this big
field   that hold the thousands of us that time.

Tink   went through her paces. Then shen went off in
what   we at FreeFlight term as flyabout. This is very
different   from a spook flight.

She   took off coming towards me from 20 meters away and
veered   off with an 'ack ack ack' call of happiness. I
could   not unreel my line fast enough. She reached the
end   of line and she then increased her speed in a
cirle   around me. My wife switch her camera into video
mode   and captured 33 secondanother 7 seconds after
she   stopped the video. Thats about 40 secs at full
speed.   :-) So if you think your flying grey cannot
do   more than 10 meters out of your garden, do think

I   was turning round and round keeping Tink in sight.
She   seems to know as she deliberately avoided branches
flying   in the open space below them and soaring
upwards   when on the open field. She then flew lower
and   lower. When she stopped on the ground, and when my
head   stopped spinning, I walked towards her seeing her
panting.   I gave her recall cue from 5 meters away and
she   immediately flew up to my shoulder and gave my ear
a   gentle nibble. Folks, that is gratitude that makes
me   forgive her for all the ciggies she tore up and
lighters   she broke apart, my handfon that you saw
dismantled   and that 5000nt I got to pay to service my
Rolex   after she sneakily unwound the winder just
before   I went to a swimming pool that you read about
in   earlier email on how to make Tink's harness.

We   then went down to the Wenshan hot spring with Tink.
Hope   you guys do not freak out. With all those stuff
about   flying parrots and open pots of hot water, here
are   three pools of extremely hot water next to a swift
flowing   river of cold water.

But   I know my Tink.

Guys,   I got to go. It is still a beautiful day
outside   and I need to spend it somewhere with Tink on
the   bike.

Hope   again that you enjoy my rambling letter and the
Tinkerbell   at Taroko Gorge

With   warmest regards

Joy   - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG &amp; surrogate daughter

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