Tinkerbell, a free flying CAG in Taiwan and her life and fun with Shanlung & Joy
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(NEW) Introduction to Tinkerbell and her flighted recalls to me
On Clicker training
(NEW) Some Thoughts on Clicker Training - the initial experience
Tinkerbell in clicker training
(NEW enlarged) Clicker training and bonding with Tink
Tinkerbell and her semi-free flights in large building
Semi freeflight 1; - The report
Semi freeflight 1 - In Retrospect
Semi freeflight 1 - Emotional Aspects
Semi freeflight 1B - The report
Tinkerbell and free flight in the open
Tinkerbell free flight report 1 of 3
Tinkerbell free flight report 2 of 3
Tinkerbell free flight report 3 of 3
Tinkerbell free flight - In Retrospect
Tinkerbell and her many harnesses and travelling about in Taiwan
Tink and Kaylor Harness in Taipei
New harness -&  developement of concept while travelling in Taiwan mountains
Tinkerbell harness Ver 4.0 and how to make it
Tink harness Mark 4.0 - field testing
More development of Tink harness during trip to Taiwan Alishan mountain
Introducing fishing line as leash
Testing of fishing line at trip to Dinghu hamlet at Alishan mountain
Latest updates of Tinkerbell
Harness flying with Tink
Photos of Tinkerbell flying with harness
The alarm clock that cannot be ignored
Tinkerbell at Taroko Gorge
Parrot on shoulder - being gentle
Tinkerbell at SanLinSee
Bird whisperer of TsaoLing
continuation of 'Bird whisperer of TsaoLing'
Tinkerbell at Chihpeng and South X Hwy
Hoping to cue for 'flyabout'
Hoping to cue for 'flyabout' Part 2
Tinkerbell's special food  preparation (was Mike's Manna and how the heck do you make so MUCH?
Period of fledging before clipping
Report on NewZealand trip - Of moas and keas
Latest report on harness flying - back to school
Using harness
Tink throws tantrum
Incident at rhino beetle farm
Praise of procrastination and lima/navy beans
Tinkerbell at Jianghu and LangTan
Tinkering with Tinkerbell tether
Tinkerbell gyro drop
Tink wearing harness -Latest Details of Tink's harness
Recall training
Volitional recall - pavilion beyond Dragon Eye
Write to me at
Teaching a bird to fly indoors
Tinkerbell in Kenting
Tinkerbell modes of landing
Tsaoling Bird Whisperer Revisited
Tinkerbell and a very special school
Taiwan 7-2 shades of 'Day After Tomorrow
Tinkerbell - Prelude to the end of this chapter
Tinkerbell - an easy way to make a harness
Tinkerbell - photos flying at special school
Tinkerbell - at Chiayi University
Tinkerbell at Green Island and Taroko Gorge - Green Island
Tinkerbell Start of Final Chapter
Tinkerbell Acceptance of our life
Tinkerbell at the nearby school
Tinkerbell her head rubs and swing and harness
Tinkerbell at Green Island and Taroko - Taroko Gorge
Green Island with my camera
Tinkerbell at Alishan crack of dawn
Tinkerbell Harness for Dennis
Tinkerbell Mang Chow
Tinkerbell - Tsaoling and 2 bottles of Drambuie
Mangchow for Dennis and Wendy
Tinkerbell - Come here! Give daddy!
Tinkerbell - Renuion
Tinkerbell at DongPu and HoHuanShan
Tinkerbell at Alishan Dinghu (first use of fishing line)
Very OT - Joy and her photos
Tinkerbell - earlier trip to Chipeng photos
Tinkerbell - South Cross Island Highway other side
Tinkerbell at KuanTzeLing
Tinkerbell recent photos at LangTand and Rhino beetle farm
Tinkerbell - our last long trip ChiPeng (and handover sequence)
Tinkerbell - Before this chapter ends
Tinkerbell - Before final closure of this chapter
Tinkerbell - 2nd last day of chapter
Tinkerbell - The last day of this chapter
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Continuation of Tinkerbell saga